Friday, January 28, 2011

No Way in.. No Way out..

Looks like things have heated up to the point in Egypt, that there is no traveling to the area. For US citizens in the country, they are urging them to not leave their hotels.


I know for most of you, this does not mean anything at all. I get it, when I hear about far away places that I have no connections to, it is hard to feel a little freaked.

My husband spoke to his mother on their "land line" this morning. They are worried about violence and how the government will react. Rightfully so. Alexandria is one of the cities that they are asking even the residents to stay inside.

For more information -

If you are the praying kind, keep our family in your prayers. If you are the activist kind - feel free to visit Amnesty International for ways to write a letter to the Egyptian government.

For more information:


Leanne said...

I've been following the news and thinking of you and your family all day. I'm so sorry this is happening, and will keep all of them in prayers. May peace come soon.

becca said...

it terrifying and horrible what's happening

Yenta Mary said...

I've been wondering how his family is ... it's so horrible to be far away and feel so helpless. And you're travelling still, aren't you, not even able to be there for comfort??? I keep thinking of all of you, and hoping for safety ....

Anonymous said...

I hope things get better soon.


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