Sunday, January 16, 2011


"A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon."~Arnold Haultain

While watching the Golden Globes (and adoring the beautiful dresses and snide remarks from the actors) I got to thinking about how complicated it is to be a woman.

Just one month from today, I will be celebrating my 38th birthday. As with all things "new" (like New Year and another Birthday) I try to take a moment and think about how far I have come and where I would like to be by the next celebratory event.

When I stop to take stock, and remember all of the moments that took place up until this evening - I realize just how complicated life can be, and how much more we all must endure.

Now, I don't want to single out only the ladies that read my blog, because I actually have several male followers. But I do want to bring up the fact how complicated a woman's life is in this day and age, and in this part of the world. I think I became more aware as I entered another world - my husband's world of the middle east.

Women over there are encouraged to be quiet and virtuous, but go to college and fill your brain with knowledge from the world's leading professors. Then it is your family's duty to help you pick out a suitable husband. A match is made, the engagement happens - then you marry, stay home and immediately start having children... preferably boys.

Now, let's take my "world." I am encouraged to be creative and express myself, and to go to college and "find myself" as well as pick up a degree, get an amazing job and date around as much as possible. Then perhaps, in your mid - late 20s (maybe even early 30s) get married (someone you chose yourself), either have kids or not (does not matter) or have a career.. better yet - juggle both.

Imagine when those two worlds collide. Imagine, picking the career over the kids. Imagine having this ingrained ability to express yourself (and often)... however you have married someone expecting the first female description.

I often wonder how some of the women from my husband's culture are able to accept the role that was chosen for them. I have so many choices (which complicates things even more.) Even here - depending on where you live, there are different expectations. However, for men, it is always the same - Get educated, find a good girl, get married, provide.

Either way.. they don't get a choice in the matter (unless, of course the male chooses an alternative lifestyle.)

Then for women, the added complications of all of those damned bodily functions. OMG. Seriously? We are the ones who go through all of these changes (and frequently) and are expected to give birth. Men? No worries.

Being a female is complicated. Sooo complicated. What do you think is the hardest part about being a woman?


Mrs. Drama Queen said...

I think the hardest part is the flexibility that is demanded of us. We are expected to have kids and work, to be gentle yet strong, smart yet not TOO smart and most of all, we're expected to consistantly live in a man's world without trouble. I find I've had to learn how a man thinks to function in my office. I've had to do the heavy duty research to make my relationship better. It's hard. Do men realize this? Most don't. Most never will!

Kamila said...

I think the hardest part of being a lady is that we look fragile. Guys expects us to be fragile.. not manly... we need to look like we need a guy in our lives...

but I'm not sure with my answer....

Leanne said...

In our home, the hardest part for me is having to juggle everything, while my husband can just send me an outlook appt for business trip to business trip and have no worries about ...anything. The house, the kids, groceries, doing laundry, taking garbage out, bills, everything. I know that this is a choice I made - but one day I would love to just send him an outlook appt and say, "I'm gone from 1/10 to 1/15) and just...go.

Hmmmm . . . you've got me thinking today, dear.

becca said...

i enjoyed the Golden Globes last was happy Glee won and pissed that Johnny Depp didn't when are they going to see he is a master at his craft

Bossy Betty said...

I think it's the various juggling act we have to perform in our lives--work, home, community AND we are supposed to be NICE about it all!

Miel Abeille said...

The hardest part of being a woman is being sensitive, but strong and gentle, but firm.

If I had to leave the house today, I my answer would be, "blowing out my hair."

Anonymous said...

Uhg... I can't take the pressure of having to be sexy but seemingly innocent at the same time. Or the fact that I should not even hint about how I want to get married and have children, like, some time in the next seven years, because GOD FORBID American male 20-somethings be forced to even think about real lifetime commitments for even a moment.
*eye roll*

It's a friggen jungle out there, I tell you. I have no idea how I'm supposed to hack it.


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