Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembering the Moments

Capturing the moments to memory that are unique and joyous is what life is really all about. Each little moment shines brilliantly as a star. We know those moments as soon as they happen, time seems to slow down. We remember the colors vividly, the smells of the air around us, even the mood. For me, life seems to move in slow motion. Not in a weird way, I would say it is as if you have a video camera, and just when you push record - everyone gets quiet and everything is in control and savored.

Tonight was one of those moments.

The egyptian and I enjoyed a wonderful night doing two of our favorite things. YES - it may seem boring to many of you, but it falls within our comfort zone. It was as simple as dinner and a movie.

We have experienced many of those moments in the four years we have known one another. The picture you see above is of my chubby little hands, with my engagement ring on. As I was putting my ring on tonight, I thought to myself, I still remember how giddy he was when he put this on my hand for the first time. He was so nervous, and excited. We laughed and he smiled so brightly. The moment, frozen in time, was a beautiful, serene, simple and honest moment. No - there were no theatrics with standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or cutting through a piece of cake to find it there. It was exactly what it was meant to be, a question and an answer.  We sat in his tiny apartment in Alexandria, Egypt - in his little bedroom, with his step father watching from the door. We were not dressed up, we were not even really all that prepared. But it was the most beautiful moment for us.

With everything that is going on, with my feelings and his dreams, and our friends and family wanting different things for us, sliding that ring on my finger tonight reminded me of all the good I have with him.

Tonight, the movie we chose to see was "Love & Other Drugs." At the very end, the main character is watching a video he took of his estranged girlfriend. She is laying there, explaining how - it does not matter if this moment never returned, she would always remember how the air felt, the smells, his smile.. she would savor it (essentially) and record it to memory.

My eyes teared up at this. I had JUST thought about that very sentiment. Later, as he and I were driving to go to dinner, we talked about all of the good moments we have had. Moments, no one else will ever understand or know. Luckily, I have a few pics of those moments...

Many more, will remain in a very private place, my memory.

This is the night we had our wedding reception in Georgia. We stopped, just a moment - I held up the camera and we just smiled. True, happiness.

                                              He napped this funny picture of me at the Zoo. We decided
                                              to spend the day there, and ended up having the time of our lives. This pic     sort     of captures how i felt!

This was taken during on of our many walks along the Mediterranean Sea. One of the few moments we had, just the two of us. Speaking of our dreams.

The night of our reception, with our closest friends at the time. We were walking down the streets of downtown Macon.

With his family and friends in Egypt.

The afternoon spent at Alexander the Great's castle. We were both pearing through a little window.

At a cafe in EGypt

Enjoying a little fun at a Karaoke bar in Birmingham

The night out with friends in Egypt..

Just little moments.. but they are all mine.
What about you? Describe some of your favorite moments.


Mrs. Drama Queen said...

I 100% appreciate you sharing that. My newest favorite moment is this one

We just agreed to be husband and wife and emotion was overwhelming. I actually forgot we were doing a recessional! He was leading me and saying, "Honey, start walking!" I whirled around and saw the MOH and best man walking and said, "OH!"

It's things like these, moments like these you HAVE to remember to get through the bad times.

Miel Abeille said...

I am awful at taking pictures! That needs to be changed. But, I loved looking at yours! It gives me a whole different peak into your life. Thank you!

becca said...

thanks for sharing and it is true we commit things to memory so that when we see or smell those familiar things we are transported right back to that very moment

Leanne said...

Awe, sweet friend ... my eyes are full of tears as I read this one, for I know what lies ahead. I am so glad to see this post about your moments, it helps me understand it all, too. Hang on to these moments, Nicole. And focus on making more of them ... here or there or where ever you may be.

Leanne said...

p.s. THESE are the moments that matter.

scrapwordsmom said...

Hey girl! I have given you some blog love over at my weight loss blog Skinny Me!!

Karen said...

This is so sweet! It brought a smile to my face. BTW - my son is back from Egypt and had a great time:) I hope he eventually finds time to call us and tell us details!

Robin said...

It helps to read this post. You have had so many things to overcome. Reading and seeing the happy moments is lovely. It is wonderful to see the love. You will need to draw on that love in the hard times. Moving to another city and changing jobs is hard, but doable. You just have to draw on these moments. And so will he. Remember the good times. Thanks for sharing these with us, but share these with him. Pull these pictures out and let them bring you closer together. Wrap yourself in your memories so that you are closer for the changes that are coming. ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Awe...isn't it way cool to have such wonderful memories? Hugs

TV's Take said...

Hmmm, favorite moments - 1 of my favs: After KLV first bath in the hospital they handed her to me and she smelled sooo amazing - that is something I think about alot. I'm big into the 'scent of a memory'. Great post!

Anonymous said...

My favorite moments are the times when I've laughed and laughed and simply couldn't stop laughing. The gasping, choking, eyes watering, face reddening, pure, unadulterated, laughter. It's the best.


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