Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Tides are Turning

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. "~James Michener

I spent the day recovering from what seems to be a minor sinus infection. Lovely. I needed something to LIFT my spirits. What do I do in times like this? I call on my good buddy - Tony. You might know him as Anthony Bourdain. He is a chef, writer, travelor and tv host. All of the things I enjoy! Plus his wit and sarcasm is delightfully tacky and unrefined and I love it.

Today he took me on a journey to Uzbekistan, China, Vega, Miami.. and a few other places in between. He did that through the first season of No Reservations. As I was watching, and drooling, and feeling a deep desire to grab my passport and roll.. I realized something..
I have a pretty interesting life.

I was joking with my sister yesterday about things and places and this silly little blog. She said, "Well Nicole, compared to some - you might live an interesting life." I laughed and said, "No Way. I am boring.. B-O-R-I-N-G." 

As I was watching the tv show, I thought of some of my "travel tv" moments. Moments that would capture culture and express what the world was like. Anthony does a great job of expressing how the true culture of a people is expressed in the food. I could not agree more.

So for fun, I randomly selected a few pictures of my "travel channel" moments. You know - the ones that might tell you a story.. or might not.

At least to me - they were ever-so-slightly off the beaten path.

This picture makes me laugh. It was one of those moments, when the Lorikeets sort of flocked to me and began nibbling my shirt. I was covered in birds, so much so - every one stopped and looked. LOL

To me, if I could zoom in, you just would not believe this moment - this view. I am on the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Egypt - and the fishing boats are coming in.

Here I am with two coworkers - enjoying a New Orleans tradition of the oldest outdoor cafe. We were eating beingets and having cafe au lait. The waiter loved us so much, he gave us fabulous caps.

My friend making out with the Dolphin on River Street in Savannah. We sort of caused a scene.

My daily breakfast in Egypt. Tahini, flat bread (that was brought up in a basket on a pulley from the door man) goat cheese, plain yogurt and pepsi.

I had the best time with the local Falafel guy in Alexandria, Egypt

This is where the market is. Two blocks from my egyptian's apartment. We got our groceries here.

Soul Food - in a hole-in-the-wall place in Mobile Alabama. You can't beat it.

Relaxing at a "Country Club" in Alexandria Egypt - smoking sheesha and drinking shay with the locals

My friend having a beer picnic in the middle of a Kroger

A friend enjoying Cheese Grits - a southern speciality in Birmingham at Urban Standard

Attending Fall Harvest Farmer's markets and taking pics of the bounty with a friend

Mall Shopping in Egypt

Strange 'pie' and cheese that has the arabic name for camel poo LOL

The perfect cappuccino

Spending a Saturday with my favorite niece at a Horse Ranch

Picking out the meat - Literally - fresh and alive.

A NuWay Hot Dog in Macon - BEST

Dressing in traditional arabic clothes - in Egypt

Broom Hockey

Fabulous Face Painting excursions

Bakery in Egypt...

Whistle Stop Cafe.. more southern cooking

Green Plaza, Alexandria, Egypt - the cafes

Authentic Egyptian Cuisine on a balcony over looking the Mediterranean Sea with an egyptian family

Fresh - AUTHENTIC- Italian pizza

Prime Rib.. outside.

Southern Desserts

Hot peppers - Hot ticket item down here!

Saturday morning

Authentic soft taco from a tiny Mexican cart

I chose the coconut

Trying a little fondu

Chef Bob creating a breakfast pita on air using the AHA recipe

Recycled Art Installation

Attending a Cake Show - amazing..

These are just a few of the silly items that totally could have been an episode on a travel show - just the ins and outs of normal life.

We all have these moments.

What about you? What is unique about some of the places you have traveled or experienced?


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same. I often think my life is pretty boring, but then I'll be talking to someone about all the things I've done and I'll suddenly realize that my life is a whole lot more exciting than most.

Robin said...

You could have called this one Food Porn, Part 2. LOL. Seriously, you have been lots of places and seen so many things. I think it is great.

Leanne said...

What an awesome journey of food ... and what a great idea for a blog post (I feel the need to copy!!!) You have a life so rich of great moments (and yumm-o foods) . . . reminds me of PG. He is always taking pictures of his meals when he is traveling and emailing them to me. Love this, dear!

And feel better soon - I've been down with a head cold all weekend. big ol'pain, for sure.

becca said...

great post and what great pictures of all the wonderful things in your life

High Heeled Life said...

Ok .. you definitely have not had a boring life!! These photos are amazing....sometimes when we are not able to travel and life just doesn't seem to be happening there is nothing like a little couch travel via TV .. till the next big adventure.. xo HHL

Mrs. Drama Queen said...

FOOD PORN! I love food porn! Thanks for sharing! I love the Italian pizza too. Was that in Italy?


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