Monday, January 24, 2011

1, 2, 3 - GO!

It's GO time. There is no turning back. The media tour begins, and my stress level rises.

I actually LOVE this time of year, it's when I get to do what I do best - and that is promote the hell out of something.

It just so happens, what I am promoting is healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke, specifically in women. (I think I have a concern in this area.) It's nice when you can do something you enjoy, that will help you and actually pertains to you.

This week is JAMMED pack with items. I have to meet with North Jefferson News tomorrow for a 4 week profile on a local survivor and health information from us. Then Wednesday CBS 42 is sending their morning Meteorologist to get her numbers checked and she plans to go on air and explain what they mean and what she plans to do about it. That morning, we also have a radio interview on a show called "Perspectives" with Don Daily. 30 minutes of jabbering about our events, a survivor will share her story, and we will go into great detail about Go Red For Women.

We tentatively have a live shot on Good Day Alabama this week on Fox 6 to promote the Go Red For Women Connection Event (national casting call) on Saturday. This is where we screen for a national spokesperson. People come out and share their stories (literally like an audition.) It is waaaay cool.  We meet so many people with so many amazing stories. If you will remember last year - it really took an emotional toll on me. To learn more click HERE.

Next week we go straight into a Midday appearance on ABC 33/40 on Tuesday. Followed by a Morning show appearance (in the Studio) with CBS 42 on Wednesday.. not to mention, we have to follow that with a Board Meeting.  Then Friday we have the LIve shot for the entire morning show on CBS 42 from Xcell Academy. I plan to have a cardiologist there to discuss signs and symptoms for women; someone from B Metro Magazine to discuss the Little Red Dress Party and someone from Xcell Academy to discuss the red hair extensions;  a survivor to share her story; and finally my ZUMBA instructor has agreed to come out and share some fitness tips and moves. Go Red For Women and Zumba have teamed up nationally. Should be a fun and quirky show!

THEN - on National Wear Red Day (Friday, February the 4th) we will spend the day at Xcell Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, for their red hair extension event. Basically - you pay $10 and you get a fabulous red hair extension. Here is a pic with me wearing one.

That night we are heading to the Little Red Dress Party at ALoft Hotel. So excited! Our magazine sponsor will be releasing the February issue with our story as the feature and at this party - there will be a red carpet, two red Porshes and Audis parked outside..

A signature red drink, screenings, swag bags, etc. I will obviously take pics of everything going on. It's all very exciting. Did I mention - tiring?

Which is why I FREAKED yesterday when I woke up a little on the sick side.

Oh yeah - I forgot one more event - The Heart Guild is putting on a luncheon at Fleming's on National Wear Red Day. (It's a small gathering of the women - wearing red, fashion show.. etc.)

Gee - how could I forget that one?

Then to top it all off - there is one big thing happening that is ever so slightly heart breaking. Yes my dears, the egyptian flies the coop the very next day - Saturday, Feb. 5th.

I am fairly sad about this. BUT there is some bright news at the end of that tunnel, but I will reveal it in due time.

As you can see - it's time to get moving. Time to get my game face on. Time to figure out how much red is in my wardrobe to get me through the week. LOL

I wanted to share with you two of the survivor's we are profiling. One is named P.J. and she is a mom of two in her 40s. She got pregnant in her late 30s or early 40s (can't remember) and ended up (due to the pregnancy) with postpartum cardio myopathy (I hope I did not butcher the spelling just now.) Basically Heart Failure. She is the third woman who has shared her story (the exact same one) with me since I started this job. Women in their late 30s, early 40s ending up with heart issues after giving birth.

Then there will be a 37 year old who had a heart attack one year ago. She only had one risk factor - high blood pressure. Scary, right? We will be sharing her story in the community also.

Anyway.. I just thought I would share with you a little of what is coming up. It's fun - it's important, and I hope to get through it. Not to mention - the egyptian leaving.

I am afraid on Feb 5th - I might have an emotional breakdown.. for sure. ;-)

Now I must ask you - Who do YOU go red for?


Bossy Betty said...

You are busy and for a great cause too! You go , girl!

becca said...

wow great cause keep up the good job

SharleneT said...

After that schedule, I do hope you have something scheduled all day on the 6th... and waiting for the good news...

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome cause to throw yourself into! Love you!


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