Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disturbing Behavior

When any of us even stop to think about how the AIDS epidemic became so wide spread, it can be really disturbing.

Last night, I watched another amazing movie on Netflix - 3 Needles. It basically is a three-paneled look at the worldwide AIDS crisis: in Montreal, a porn actor schemes to pass his mandatory blood test; a young nun  makes a personal sacrifice for the benefit of a South African village; in rural China, a black market operative posing as a government-sanctioned blood drawer jeopardizes an entire village's safety.

The decisions these average people make boggles the mind. The outcome is sad in all instances, and it brings up the one question we all consider - WHY? Most of these characters had to make a serious choice at one point or another.. and the obviously, most of the choices were selfish and destructive.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel - the very last "paragraph" of the script is so poignant and there is such beauty and truth in it - one cannot help but feel a sort of catharsis after watching this movie. WATCH IT.

The point of this post - what decisions do we make that have lasting, if not detrimental results? When I think of a "new mom"- clearly there is a desire to create the perfect world for their new born child. Then again, that is impossible - and there will be mistakes and roads that twist and turn and cause the desire for perfection to swerve and become a desire for survival.

And what about the newly married couple? Each enters their agreement with the best intentions of being loving and a security blanket for the other.. but time passes, life gets in the way, and things .. sometimes just don't turn out as we would like.

Destructive behavior comes in all forms, but after watching this movie, it is clear - the human race often makes decisions in more of a survival-ist sort of way, choosing decisions that best suit their needs, regardless of the hurt it may do to others.

Is there something that has happened to you along the way that might have hurt you? Have you exhibited any disturbing behavior?

What can we do to turn our thoughts into healthy action and move forward in a constructive way?


Anonymous said...

Ill have to check this out....

Renee said...

Sounds like a really interesting movie. I like the idea of how they show what impact those "3 needles" can have after it ripples.

Wendy said...

The most self destructive thing I do is avoid important paper work. I realize this is -not even- close to the level discussed in the movie (which sounds great, btw) but it definitely causes a snowball effect and bites me in the ass.

Robin said...

Nicole, I could write a book.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm not really sure. Maybe the most disturbing behavior.. well, I lied (big-time) to my parents and put all the blame to my brothers, just to protect myself.. Yeah, it was a pretty stupid thing to do...

Anyway, I vowed never to do such thing ever again. =)


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