Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Omm... yeah.


Lord knows I am trying to hold it together. LOL It is DAY 4 in the New Year, and I am pulling out all of the stops -

reading more, taking longer (hotter) baths, opting for smiles, sharing an encouraging word, and...

just laying it on the line with the egyptian.


I just said what needed to be said.. and now let the chips fall where they may.

Okay.. on to other things..

I have GOT to get motivated to head back to the gym. Before I left work, I came up with at least 6 different excuses for skipping my Body Jam class:

1. It was my first day back at work.... and I was tired.
2. I had to run a few errands after work.. and I was tired.
3. I had to cook dinner, since I got off work a little later, and got stuck in traffic.. and I was tired.
4. My mood was a little low by the time I got home.. and I was tired.
5. It gets darker so much sooner, so it got really cold quickly.. and I was tired.
6. Did I mention I was tired?

So.. I did not go.

Booo on me.

What is Body Jam? Did I show you? I found the actual choreography my class was doing (when I took a little break before Thanksgiving)

That is literally the last piece of choreography we were learning. See - all of the Body Jam classes around the world learn the same pieces every few months or so. I have no idea if they have moved onto the 55th yet or not. Which means, I may be learning some new stuff on Thursday. Also - this is the same exact music we all use... same technique and all. It's fun...

You have to watch the video all of the way through to see what I am talking about.. it's fun!

Sooo.. yeah.. trying to keep the positive attitude.. but lacking in motivation.

Here's hoping for a Terrific Tuesday!

What are you struggling with right now?


Leanne said...

So this is body jam, huh? (Is it wrong that my arms were tired 20 seconds into it??) I encourage you - girl - you GET BACK to that class. Shake it.

Re: E - you deserve to be happy. That's all I'll say. You DESERVE it.

Re: motivation - when you find it, send some my way. I'm mentally motivated, but physically, not so much. Is that even possible?

Have a good day, my friend. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

the cold is an un-motivator for me with the gym. That's all the excuse I need.

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, it's hard enough to motivate oneself to do exercise, without doing it at the end of the day! And yet, it's so good for us ... it's a dilemma. Baby steps, rather than trying everything (eating habits, exercise, all the resolutions) at once offers encouragement without feeling overwhelmed, I think ....

Renee said...

My boyfriend & I are working hard to change our eating habits. He's diabetic, & he's having a minor health issue that's requiring us to curb our carbs. It's a very difficult transition, but we're working through it!

TV's Take said...

Hope the chips fell in a good place! Good luck on getting to the gym - remember you deserve to be happy and healthy.

Bossy Betty said...

More baths. Less Stress. That's my motto.

Jen G-son said...

I find the hardest thing is to get there. After that, it's cake. I force myself to bikram yoga every time I go LOL


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