Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Interns & Coffee

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. ~Auguste Rodin

Today is a glorious day! Why? My full time intern starts. Granted, she is only coming in one day a week- but she will be working all day. THAT is a glorious thing.

I have been without a intern for several months now. The job I have covers a very large territory, and sometimes it is necessary to have a little extra help. Now I do!

I kind of made a joke on Facebook the other day about 'Where is my coffee... " and that I needed an intern to go make a run to Starbucks. Honestly, that desire still remains.

I remember the first time I sent an intern for coffee, I almost laughed about it. But they do it so eagerly, I felt as if I was taking advantage. See - as a journalism major, you just aren't put in positions where you have people work for you. But then here comes the ever-eager intern and BOOM - instant assistant. I actually feel bad asking them to do menial tasks like: scan the hundreds of newspapers for one of our placements, or make copies, or make those random phone calls I hate making. But they do it - and they do it with a smile. God bless them. ;-)

I really like my current "intern." She is sharp, a graduate from Auburn University and she even did an internship in NYC with a major fashion company. The problem with "big" internships - it is next to impossible to get a job at that company.

When I decided where I wanted to intern, I took that into consideration. If I went to say - Atlanta, and began interning at a TV station, 9 times out of 10 a job (or a GOOD job) would not have happened. Instead I picked a medium sized market and got hired as a producer the week after my internship ended.

You just never know!

Now I am sitting on my bed, in my pjs, drinking my morning cup of coffee, but smiling - knowing I will not have to get out in the cold and the wet weather to get my afternoon Starbucks... no, no my dears - my intern will!


Anonymous said...

You should pull the diva on your interns and say this is not whole milk in my coffe and make a scene just for fun.

Nicole said...

hahahahaa - Yeah.. I should.

Leanne said...

Think your intern would mind bringing a Starbucks to me in Chicago? Maybe not ... it might take them away from you for too long. Ah, well.

TV's Take said...

HA! I loved interning, it really was excellent experience. Sounds like your is lucky that she too gets to run to Starbucks for you.

Anna Kaye said...

I loved interning for you! It was great! (P.S. I'm not the intern Nicole is referring to in this post)


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