Friday, January 14, 2011

Zen = Drool

"There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." ~Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Ain't it the truth?

As you guys know, I have been dedicating this year to finding my little Zen moments. See that cat to the left?(found on google images)  This is exactly how I feel right this very second.

If, as you are reading this, are stressed and had a really, really bad day - this image may make you feel like someone out of steam, tired beyond belief.

Now imagine an herbal foot bath, followed by a facial sauna with a plant based chemical peel and brightening face mask (which is constantly massaged into your face) -followed by an intense foot massage, topping the feet off with hot towels (one for each foot) .. then a complete head, neck & arm massage (also topped off with hot towels) - then finished with your entire face covered in a warm towel .... next your feel a rush of  steam infused with aromatic oils lightly spraying your face.

Then when it is all said and done, you are placed in a steam shower with 5 bagillion shower heads coming at you from all angles, as you use natural/herbal products to wash the day away?

Now look at the cat.

*meow* *purrrrrrrr*

THIS is a happy girl. Tonight I indulged - and oh it was sooo right.

So my Zen moment of the week equals drool. A lot of drool. I am a happy, calm girl. All is right with my soul. Can I get amen? Yeah you... in the back.

Not to mention, we have another long weekend. No work on Monday! Thank you Civil Rights guru Martin Luther King, Jr. for a lovely day to relax.

Now,  I ask you - if you had to pick one moment this week, just one, that you know in your heart brought you a little moment of Zen... what would it have been?


Doris said...

I wish my workplace recognized the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. And not just for the day off...I get so sick of the prejudice and degrading talk...

Your spa treatment sounds wonderful...shoot, just reading about it made me let out a nice deep sigh!

Miel Abeille said...

My zen moment of the week is easy! I went on a mini-shopping spree with some cash I got as a Christmas gift. I wanted to spend the money on GIFTS, not gas, cigs or groceries.

One of my gifts was a Charter Club super soft robe. OMG. It is heaven! It reaches my ankles, and although it's 100% polyester, it feels like cashmere.

Here's the short version:

It arrived yesterday, and I can't take it off! I feel like when the robe comes on, the stress melts away.

Anonymous said...

Pass some Zen this way please!!

Hoosier Chick said...

Not that I don't love Sylvia Plath, but wasn't it the oven not the bath that eventually gave her the ultimate Zen moment?

I'm going to be beach on Monday. Yup, the beach.

Leanne said...

I LOVE Zen Moments!!!! Yours sounded wonderful - and it was MOST definitely deserved! Keep the feeling as long as you can, friend!

Robin said...

I haven't had much Zen, but that whole massage thing sounds amazing. *sigh* ::drool::

Mrs. Drama Queen said...

It happened today actually. After a stressful day, I went to the ranch and groomed the horse for an hour. It was too muddy to ride, but instead I gave Grey Goose a good grooming, enjoyed the sunlight and quietness of the area. There's something about bringing bliss to something else gratifying and calming :)

Kamila said...

I'm glad you enjoy your trip to the spa today,,,
I think the best thing that gave me a zen moment this week is when my mom massage my back.. I don't know why I didn't inherit that thing,.but my mom can really massage well....

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Oh I miss those types of day. My zen moment? Napping on the couch with my cat Bitty as close to me as she could get in a sunny spot.


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