Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just stuck... Post #2

I am stuck inside. Booo. Boring.

That's why you are being exposed to POST #2 of the day.
Perhaps something profound will flow from the ratta-tat-tat on the key board.

It is sleeting, pretty bad actually. You can tell it is by the "slicing like little razors" sound the rain is making on the skylights/windows and as it slices through the air. Sounds like it hurts. Nothing like needle sharp ice rain to make you want to sit in your 3rd story apartment.

At least I was able to get out this morning. I met my co-worker and friend, Laura, and her husband around 9:30 to be their guests at their church today. I had never been to a Presbyterian Church, so I thought it would be really interesting to see how the "other half" worships. ;-)

I have to admit, I really enjoyed myself. We started out with their "New Couple" Sunday School class. I was probably one of the oldest ones in there. I did see at least one woman who was probably older than me. ;-) The people were really nice and welcoming. Beautiful smiling faces, young couples who ooze an air of professionalism and success. The definition of WASP.

The Sunday School teacher discussed a story out of Genesis - and I heard a new take this time. We were reading the story of Jacob (the one where he hopes to marry Rachel, but ends up with Leah.) What was so interesting, we actually took at look at it from Leah's perspective. In the past- I always sided with Jacob. He was deceived by Rachel & Leah's father .. etc.) But this time - it talked about how Leah was the (not so pretty older sister) expected to be an old maid. She was (sort of) used to being seen as the "lessor" of the two sisters. On her wedding night, after much drinking and of course she going to bed with her veil on - Jacob woke up to find he had married the "other sister."

Poor Leah.. took a while (and three baby boys later) before she "got it." She knew her first son was a blessing, and the second.. and finally by the third, she simply thanked God and that was it. That's all that was expected. The beautiful, successful husband, three strong boys - none of it ever brought happiness - just God. It took a while.. but she got it.

I know I have several atheist who follow me, and I KNOW you guys usually have very strong words and basically see people (like me) as absolute fools. Regardless of what you believe, it's an interesting story. People, possessions, a great status in life - none of it will bring you happiness. For me, it is finding that fulfillment in God. For you, perhaps, it is to find happiness within yourself.

Anyway.. as for the service - was very traditional (the way I like it) - and basically, a good time all in all. Nice first trip to a Presbyterian Church. (If you did not know - I am catholic.)

Afterwards, we went for a tasty (good old fashioned) southern breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Laura and her husband are "good eggs." ;-)

This afternoon, I spent the day watching a disturbing movie (what's new, right?) As you know, I am completely addicted to Netflix... so this time I watched "The Crazies." Just your typical Sci-fi/thriller/slasher movie. I think with the lap top's proximity to my eyes and the headphones I was wearing - it was just a little too intense.

As soon as the sleet began to fall, I choose to bake some banana bread. Why not? I am stuck inside and all I can think to do is cook. I am, for whatever reason (actually I know the reason - biscuits and gravy at brunch)  STILL not hungry and it is almost 7pm.

So here we are, me.. with always so much to say, and stuck with nothing but this blank screen with little letters appearing before my eyes and you- my fine readers.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is productive as well as relaxing. (Since we ARE NOT going to work in the morning.)


Christina Genae said...

LOVE!!! It takes something different for each of us, but at some point we all have to learn that God is enough. Grasping that is rarely easy but oh so necessary.
Enjoy your day at home tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you spot any recognizable places in The Crazies? Part of it was actually filmed in Macon, lol!

TV's Take said...

Glad you had a nice time at your friends church. BTW: I love Banana Bread. Hope your week goes well

Robin said...

I always like a different perpsectice on a story I thought I knew. Sometimes the things that are left out of the Bible are just as important as what is there. I think that the pastors who ask the questions, who really dig, are very interesting. Anyway, glad you had a good experience.

I don't know if you caught it, but I did dedicate something to you on HERE'S TO YOU DAY. Of course it came on Friday b/c I just didn't have my stuff together. But I hope you didn't comment b/c you didn't see it and not becuse you didn't like it...

The Bipolar Diva said...

That sounds like it was a really interesting class!

becca said...

great post gave you an award go check my blog

Rebecca said...

SO TRUE. No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, Know peace. :)

I tried out the fast life as a kid. Was very unfulfilling. Now that I have Jesus, I am SO happy. Everything is brighter, more peaceful. I have been a Christian for 25 years now, too. Not exactly a newbie. :D

I find that rainy or stormy days make me a little more thoughtful with my posts. It's nice to have a little pearl like that on an otherwise gloomy day.

I like your blog. You are so thoughtful! :D


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