Saturday, January 15, 2011

Take it From the Tap

"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry." ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

How very true that statement is. The topic of water came up in conversation a few times today. Ironically, this is all happening the same day I planned to watch the documentary TAPPED on Netflix.

As you guys know, I went shopping this morning for groceries. I have been inspired by one of my favorite blog-friend's - Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness. She has recently started a second blog on healthy lifestyles, and is chronicling her journey.

I explained in the post before this one, I have spent the past year, trying different aspects of health out. Trying to see which techniques and habits I was comfortable forming. Then when Leanne took the BIG jump to health, I thought - By God, I need to get back on the wagon. I jumped off back in November (typical holiday break.) My pending cardiologist visit (one year later) is next week.. and I just hope he has good news.

Well, in this whole process - I wanted to not only choose healthier options for food - I actually want my food to BE healthy.


You thought the produce at Publix or Winn Dixie has all the nutrients and is clean just for you?

Au contraire.

But I will get to that in another post.

There is one resource I have been eyeing suspiciously for years.. and that is bottled water. If any of you actually know me, I rarely drink bottled water.. well.. not until recently. Let me tell you why - remember the whole CPAP machine thing? Well, I have to only purchase Purified Water with no minerals. It is hard to find, but was told it is best for the machine. Stupid me thought that might mean best for me, so I started purchasing bottled water. What they MEANT was the minerals sometimes leave a film.. etc. Okay..

But all of these years leading up to this weird trend of mine, I thought.. wait a minute..
1. Is it REALLY water from _____ rivers and streams?
2. If plastic is bad for the environment - how can it be good to hold our water?

Ding Ding Ding.

To answer the first question, watch this:

Okay - and to answer the second question - watch this:

 Okay.. try to pick your chin up now.

If you would like more information on how to take action or even how YOUR city is doing?

Yep, back to my old tap water days. Good to know, I was NOT crazy.


Miel Abeille said...

I'm a tap girl, too! I only go for bottled when I'm out & about as an alternative to soda or juice.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what to trust. Bottled water ot tap.

becca said...

i save plastic by use a filter water bottle just my little way of helping

Carol said...

Nicole, I tagged you to answer some questions over at my blog. I posted the questions and my answers and I was to choose 4 people to pass it on and I really like reading you and what you have to say. So...just a heard up if you arent' up to's cool.

I just wanted you to know I think your blog rocks, it's honest, funny, true and I like it.

Carol-the gardener

Rene W. said...

I am on a health change too - gave myself the 1st week of January to prepare, and now I'l well on my way. We do a water filter here - our tap is unsafe, and bottled water is too expensive. I think this is the best option.


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