Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just another day.. another dollar!

Today was the day of the BIG Go Red For Women Connection Event.. this is me (with very little sleep) about to head to the event

My coworkers - Laura, Paige, Aaron & Jamie
They were handling registration

This little person is Kalee Dionne - she is actually the morning Meteorologist on CBS 42

Kalee is an amazing volunteer for us!

Kalee with Aaron (our VP of Development)

This woman shared her story with us - She Goes Red for her granddaughter (who has already had 2 open heart surgeries.)

PJ is one of my volunteer spokespeople and survivor. (Her story is in the video below)

This lady drove all of the way from Jackson Mississippi to share her story. Her husband dropped dead from a heart attack at 46.. she has 4 daughter and does not want them to ever have to suffer.

This woman was 25 when she had a double bypass/heart attack. 15 years later - she sits right here, hoping to be selected as one of our national spokespeople.

CBS 42 came out to cover some of the stories

Marcia with CW21 passing out goodies

The "team"

Laura, me and Jamie - taking a moment to BREATHE.

Laura is going to have a baby - this is Veda Jane (waiting to be born!) Laura goes red for her!

The one in the chair is my intern. She stopped by with some of her friends.

Just us - relaxing..

Later - I popped over to the Party Hearty - a Zumba charity event to benefit Go Red For Women. It was put together by my Zumba friends/instructors.

PJ and her husband joined in on the fun!


Meg giving the rundown on Zumba

Zumba is a national partner with Go Red For Women

Each year gets better and better!

PJ sharing her story

Remember me telling you about my SUPER energetic Colombian instructor? That's her with the bandanna on the left.. her side kick next to her is my other instructor. Cristina & Ashita)

Where ever you live - please try to find a Zumba class or a Go Red Connection event!


Anonymous said...

I hate knowing that I'm probably the one in three. There is just too many heart issues on my dad's side of the family, I can't see how I'll possibly avoid it.

When I wear red I wear it for my grandmother, my grandfather, my uncle (who dropped dead of a heart attack when he was only 43), my aunt, and my dad (who has high blood pressure).

Anonymous said...

I see lots of red... In fact "I see red" and that's not a bad thing this time.

Kamila said...

It's my first time hear about this Go Red advocacy.. and she's right..Pj that many people die because of heart related disease...

And Zumba is interesting... and looks fun!

Wendy said...

Very cool! Making people aware doesn't have to be completely depressing. Looks like a fun time with meaning behind it - goos stuff!

Leanne said...

Wow . . . your organization is inspiring in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this with us.

AmyinDallas said...

Lovely pictures! I'm working on something for AHA internal. Would you mind if I use an image or two? Thanks!


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