Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes, Organic Butter and Cellphone Bills

I deserve better.
You deserve better.

Better food, better tv, better government policies, better cellphone coverage.. etc.

This week I searched for:
Clean, pesticide free/cruelty free food.
Good conversation
And yes.. a moment or two of zen.
My Lunch ingredients (click to see larger)
Trying to buy "clean" cruelty free food - even when I want something as sinful as Mac & Cheese

Breakfast - yogurt with blue berries and I used Almond Milk for creamer in my coffee.

A little more on my mac & cheese

A snack - St Angel triple cream cheese (it is a cow's milk cheese from France) smeared over Portuguese Bread
Chatting away...  (taken by my better half)
Hey - do I look younger? Do I look 37? I had a plant based chemical peel thing.
Glowing baby. LOL

Now back to the Golden Globes...

Just could not leave my last post as my last post for the night. :-)


Jane said...

You look younger than 37, was the peel painful?, WE do deserve better everything than what we are paying for these services. Blessings jane

becca said...

wow you look younger


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