Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Growing Up

Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. ~Samuel Ullman

This is me, my mom and my sister - circa 1977. I totally dig my shirt!

One of my favorite things was for my dad to push me around in a wheel barrow. I am on the left, my friend on the right. This is our front yard. Doesn't my dad look like a hillbilly? LOL
I loved trying to mimic my dad. Here I am "holding the baby" sitting in my chair and smoking my dad's pipe. Where is social services? Also - what's up with the evil doll?

Here is my very pregnant mom (dressed in toile) with a child witch. (Me!)

My dad was teaching me how to drive at a very young age.

I was CRAZY for yoga balls at a young age. LOL Check out the furniture! LOL

Sultry Nicole in Stripper shoes.

The apple of my eye - my papa and I - I am not sure what we are doing.. but I am very interested.

I am screaming - GOAT CHEESE.. please!!!

My Zen moment - stopping to smell the gardenias. The dog pin is behind me. LOL

On my mom's side of the family - my cousins. (all are 3rd cousins or 2nd cousins - since my mom is an only child.)
I am in the front on the right - not smiling. My sister has on the jazzy red pants. That is my great grandmother.

This is my cousin Cathy and I at my Granny's house. This was the LAST sandwich I ever ate with mayo.. long, traumatic story.

Getting that Christmas love from my mommy

Sooo.. my birthday is two days after Valentines Day - sooo.. I get lots of heart paper! LOL My cousin Cathy is looking over my shoulder.

Six Flags in Atlanta - my dad, me, my cousin cathy, and my great grandmother - Granny!

Did I mention I am a flirt?

I do know how to share - with my mommy

I was really wanting to climb! My dad was trying to teach me how.

Another birthday - again, with cousin cathy right by my side.

I suppose I wanted to show off my Mickey Ears and Gardenia

Here is the proud older sister (me) with my little sister - Heather

Easter time - with Dad in the fly 70's suit with my little sister. Don't you just LOVE my dress?

Here I am demonstrating the proper use of eye lash curlers

At my house again - this time - my papa (mom's dad), me, my cousin cathy, my great grandmother, then the back row has my grandma (mom's mom) and Great Aunt Willie-Mae (Cathy's mom)

Me and Papa skating together. He was my heart

I hate those type of smiles little kids give and apparently, I did it to.

I tried on my Mrs. Beasley glasses - hanging in dad's chair

At my grandparent's house- dressing up in plastic crap!

With my dad at a Halloween party. I suppose I am a princess.. he is a pirate or gypsy.

Check out my cool cap

I LOVED my red tricycle

I suppose I am 5 here (possibly 78)

Just me.. chilling..

Another birthday - with my cousin. THIS time - an etch-a-sketch. Would someone please get me one for my 38th birthday? I loved that thing!

What? You don't like my look?

The moment I fell in love with my bike!

I am guessing this is my birthday ... loved my toys! I was saying - stay away! These are mine!

My dad was a milk man.. I wanted to be just like him.

I was telling my neighbor - "Whatever, BOY. I have 3 wheels b/c I am cool.. your two wheels are soooo lame."

What is THAT?

At my grandparent's home - I was saying.. "Uh hello... I AM THE PRINCESS." Yeah.. I did not warm up to my sister... well.. ever, actually. hahahhaaa

The fam. Check out my single pocket look. It's coming back - just wait.

Lord have mercy. I look like some little redneck kid - bare foot, no pants and my mickey ears (which btw - were my idea of wearing a hat.)

Little Piggy.

I think is our official first family pic done professionally

At our home... Our house was very "gothic" and dark. LOL

That's me with my dog Rebel. He loved me.

I was 6 and in my first ballet - Alice in Wonderland. I played the part of a butterfly

I suppose I road my bike in the living room too. LOL

Nap Time

My first roller coaster with my dad!

At my Grandparent's house. My Great grandmother, grandmother and grandfather (mom's side.)

Watch out bitches!

7 year's old - Ballet - Pinocchio - I was a Maid of Pleasure Island. Check out that point! LOL

Watch as I color my eggs.. geez..

LOVE dad's shirt lOL

I am Queen of the World!

Finally - my playboy pose. LOL Look at my sister - she is still a monkey

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music." ~William Stafford


Leanne said...

Fantastic look at you and life growing up...love love love these photos! So funny (love the "goat cheese!" comment! Made me laugh out loud!)

dewin said...

Omg! Sooo cute! I miss the 70s!!!

becca said...

wonderful photos


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