Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meditation Room

I am really excited about transforming my Sun Room! I have been waiting to do this for quite some time.

See, the egyptian took this room (you see to the left) and turned it into a more "modern space" - removed all of middle eastern stuff (b/c he said he grew up around that and did not want to see it anymore.) Oh yeah - he got rid of the cat also. (The one in the pic, don't worry - Lestat the Vampire Cat is safe and sound with my parents.)

Sooo.. I want a mediation room. I want my ZEN space. I am going to turn THIS room into just THAT!

I am excited, so very excited! (How many times have I said that now?)

I have been doing a little research on the subject, and I am pleased to share that for one, I have an excellent space to do this. I do need to get rid of a few things (or rework a few things) - but it is all totally doable.

First of all - what do I need to add or remove or whatever. The decorating and organization of my meditation room? I found a wonderful article by Leanne Kallal on how to create this exact type of room. Here are a few tips she shared in the article:

- When creating your sacred place think of what colors evoke relaxation and a sense of calm in you? Maybe it’s a soothing color like lavender or a calming blue. Maybe you prefer a deeper color like brown or burgundy.
-Another thing to consider is furniture and accessories. Do you want to sit on the floor, on a mat, on a chair, on a couch? Again, there are multiply options here so choose the one that’s best for you!
-think about lighting for your meditation room. Do you meditate best in the dark, in bright light or somewhere in between? Maybe candle light is the perfect lighting for you. You might not know the answer to this question immediately, so don’t be afraid to play around with lighting until you find what’s best for you!

This first one might work for me. Since the room is visible from the Living Room. This space good double as a little den or reading room. I could put my "religious" items on a small shelf or table. Just an idea.

To me - this is just WONDERFUL. Simple, clear on what this room is for.

NICE.  I think my room would look good in the day with the natural sun, and really beautiful at night with the moonlight and candles.

This is very typical of group meditation.

I even found a wonderful link of FREE audio meditations. I want to share the link with you. If you are at work, or even home, and just need a few minutes to unwind - go to this website: Learning Meditation.

Back to the room..

I think I will purchase:

- a larger throw rug
- aromatherapy candles
- remove the paintings from that room, and add items that evoke peace and serenity
- place my cd player in there
- one small shelf
- a tiny "altar" type with candles, etc. (More on that later. I found a way to create my own altar!)
- I have tons of middle eastern cushions.. I will resurrect those
- a large curtain (with pull backs) to separate the living room from the sunroom.


What about you? If you could turn one room into anything you wanted in your home, what would it be?


SharleneT said...

What a great idea! I like the openness of the one that works for both daylight and moonlight! This is my throw all excess out year and I've been going through sections of the house getting rid of a lifetime of accumulations. Definitely want to see the final result! Come visit when you can...

High Heeled Life said...

Great post and inspiration..I'm waiting to do a meditation area in our home... right now its housing what is known as Mr. G's office.. once renos are complete and Mr.G's office is relocated to the proper location in our home ... the space will be perfect!! Your post has me dreaming of that day again.!!

I found a glass bookcase at IKEA ...that I use to house my spiritual books (I'll be postng about it in the next couple of weeks)...wishing you a fab week-end..HHL

Doris said...

Well....I think I would turn at least one room in my house to a CLEAN room...I swear, junk just keeps multiplying - the more I try to de-clutter, the worse it gets!

becca said...

how peaceful and beautiful

Dizzy C said...

How lovely to have a quiet space.

I would like to be greedy and have 2 rooms. One for the boys and another chill out room for my daughter and me.

My room would have no modern gadgets, phone, tv, internet etc.
Floor to ceiling book shelves, a day bed and chaise lounge.

Only a dream in our overcrowded maisonette LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am certain the room will be a peaceful place for you to meditate. Everyone needs a peaceful place to retreat!

Karen said...

Sounds wonderful. I wish I could turn a room into another garage!

Tamika D. said...

Now I want a Zen room...! :0)

priest of love said...

As I was practicing the last of our 18-day challenge meditations this morning, I realized that I am the "difficult person" that I live with on an even more intimate level than the "difficult person" I always think of whom I see at work most days of the week! I have always heard that difficult people are a mirror for what one finds unacceptable in oneself, but this time I really saw it! I also saw that the "I" who was witnessing this unruly child in Meditation Blogsme could send her lovingkindness thoughts as a loving parent might embrace and comfort a child. That "I" who was witnessing all this is bigger, more spacious, kinder, gentler than that "child". I AM the guide and the abandoned child who seeks to be loved, and find a home, safe in the arms of something bigger, and I am the "something bigger". This is a real breakthrough for me! Thank you!


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