Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Stuff Begins - NOW

Today is the day I embark on my official 10-day non-stop streak. I will be curious to see if I will even have the energy or inspiration to blog. God willing.. I will.

My manager is flying into town for my Midyear review. Just thinking of that always makes my stomach do a few little flip flops. You hope you have done a good job, and honestly - I think I have. Just maybe the numbers don't stack up. We are "goaled" on media impressions. Just what is a media impression? It's how many eyeballs view or hear your message. Let's pretend I have a magazine sponsor. They run an ad. They have 60,000 subscribers - well, that's 60,000 eyes = 60,000 Media impressions. But let's say you have a cable sponsor. They run your PSA (public service announcement) 600 times in an month. But hey have 100,000 subscribers. You would figure the # of subscribers and multiply that number by 0.004

Example: Comcast Cable with 100,000 subscribers = 100,000 X 0.004 = 400 viewers per cable spot.
Now - let's take the reality of - I have to reach almost 50 million per campaign. Feel my pain now? Let's not forget, that's multiple cities.

Now that we got the boring part over - let's concentrate on the good: BIG WINS TODAY. Well, something good will come out of something bad. One of our local anchors at the NBC affiliate emailed me last night and was quite emotional and wants to do something fast. His brother is in the hospital dealing with heart issues. When he wrote the email, things were not looking good. He even went on to divulge that his father died at 48 from heart disease. He had already talked to the station, asking permission to "spread the word" and get Alabama Healthy. (Note - this is station that has turned down my request to sponsor numerous times.) Suddenly - they are backing him. (He is well loved and respected in our community, and sincerely a nice guy.) Of course I told him - yes! We are meeting this afternoon. THIS is when my job makes my heart sing. How therapeutic for him, and still super helpful to getting our message out. (Translation = more media impressions and possibly another media sponsorship.)

I am also THRILLED that my family is coming to town on Saturday. My mom told me that when Autumn (my niece) found out that she was coming for a visit, she started packing her things right then and there! (I have not seen them since Christmas Day.) Autumn told me on the phone, "Auntie Cole, when I come to Albama morrow, I gonna stay with yuuuu. Okay?" Of course I responded, "Certainly!" And she squealed with laughter.


What about you? What is left in your week that is freaking you out? What are you looking forward to?


Dizzy C said...

Enjoy ur weekend with the family!


Mrs. Indecisive said...

Good luck!!!!!

becca said...

good luck hun

TV's Take said...

Wow, you definitely need to breathe in and breathe out. Good luck with everything. I'm hoping the rest of the week will be much better than the first part. So i'm looking forward to calm and enjoyable

Robin said...

We are leaving Sunday for Ohio. Going to see my dad since he has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I am finally reconciling myself with this diagnosis. It has been a rough time. It is now about saying all of those important things so that nothing is left unsaid. It is really hard to imagine this world without my dad in it. Fortunately, we are still months away from that, but I just never imagined it all before now.

Anonymous said...

I'm freaking out about coordinating my Au Pair stuff (visa, German, embassy appointments), getting all my school work done, and still finding time for me.


I hope everything goes well for you!

Nicole said...

Cassandra - reverse immigration! EEK!

Robin, I am really, REALLY sorry to hear that. May God grant you the strength.


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