Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glimpse ~ Pensacola

I rolled into Pensacola on Tuesday (Mardi Gras) early in the afternoon. It was windy and chilly. After a few meetings I headed to McGuire's Pub for lunch.

The appetizer of choice were Boxties - an Irish favorite

Followed by French Onion soup

My new friend - in the gift shop.

After tons of meetings (and right before checking into the hotel) - I went for a walk thru downtown Pensacola, Florida. It's an adorable town.

I stopped in several art galleries along the way.
Before driving to the hotel - I stopped by the Pier
Mom joined me on this trip. After my meetings - we met back up..

Finally we drove out to Pensacola Beach and right before dinner time we went for a walk. It was FREEZING...

The waves were huge for the Gulf of Mexico.. a storm was brewing..
The sun was setting..
Me waiting for my favorite meal of the entire trip!

Coconut Shrimp with pina colada sauce - (not to mention my appetizer!)
PS - I did not eat my fries.

Beware of the man-eating clams!

The last day in Pensacola - I had to wait it out in the hotel. Several tornados came ripping through.. destroying several businesses outside of Pensacola and West Mobile..

We were under a flash flood advisory... this was the view from the room. Heavy, dark clouds...

And that's it for Pensacola, Florida.
Stay tuned - tomorrow - Fairhope/Mobile, Alabama!


Carol said...

You hit some of our favorite places for sure. I always get French Onion soup at McGuire's. We went there and Flounders frequently while dating. Owned by same company by the way...Crabs on the beach as well.

The jelly fish looking thing is a Portuguese Man O War. My daughter saw one...same day down toward Ft. Pickens. You'll have to try Global Grill downtown, Tre Fatellis (good italian) and Dharma Blue. All good places downtown. Also have you gone by Joe Patti's seafood? They have great selection and a great wine store.

Glad you made the trip fine, you had some terrible weather and I said a little prayer for you.

Catch you next time, I hope.

Have a great week.


becca said...

hello "waves" from a little farther down the state glad you had fun here. cheers

Kim said...

Flounders is amazing! Best Lobster/Shrimp Alfredo I've ever had. Pensacola is alwyas an amazing place to see :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! I love Irish Pubs! This place look nice. I have to go someday.


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