Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a Girl Thing

(You can imagine you and I sitting down to a cup of coffee, and I am telling you about my day..)



- As I am getting ready for work, I decided to pack my own lunch. I go to grab my ab-fab snack (Greek peppers) and did not realize that I probably did not screw the lid back on very tightly and the huge jar slid out of my hands, only to crash on the kitchen floor. Imagine the stench of Greek pepper vinegar everywhere

- I get to work to find an unending list of things to do. So much so that I send a meeting request out that actually blocks any more accepted meetings

- As I am doing my expenses I realize I have lost 3 receipts.. Damn!

- To finally getting to lunch (at 1:30pm) and I go to pull out my pita wrap and it simply falls apart.

- As I was driving to pick up the egyptian after work, a severe thunderstorm starts.. the only good point - I remembered to change out my new windshield wiper blades only the day before!

- Then I get home and stubbed my toe on the bottom of my bed

At this point, I am an irritable mess. No one thing in particular.. just many small things.

Then it hit me.. and it only happens a few times a year.... could it be... can it be... PMS?

See...  I had a hysterectomy about 8 years ago. But the doctor left my ovaries (what's functioning of them) - so I could have a somewhat normal hormone function. But every once in a while it happens.. that strange/can't handle little things/want to kill everyone feeling.

I kept telling myself that my mood was not rational. I knew it wasn't. I let those little items send me over the edge. I just lay on my bed sighing.. feeling.. blah. Down.. depressive. Over what? Some pepper jar and a few receipts?

Ahhh.. hormones..


Gaston Studio said...

When that many bad things happens in one day, I don't see anything wrong with being upset about them; sounds normal to me!

Anonymous said...

Boys have their own form of PMS, I can tell you. There are times when my exboyfriend was a just a complete ass for no good reason, and my mom's fiance gets all whiny and annoying on occasion...male PMS, I tell you!

But I think anyone would be a bit irked by all these stupid little bad things happening. I know I would.

Anonymous said...

That would be the kind of day that would make me want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. Hope today is a better one.

Dafeenah said...

I have smelled greek peppers so that alone is enough but to have the rest added on top, then you definitely deserve some chocolate with no guilt attached.

TV's Take said...

Hormones, bad luck what's the diff. Hope today is mucho better

Marty said...

When I first read this, I thought you said you bumped your toe on the bottom of your head...LOL...I had to re-read that line.

Girl, I have that type of PMS EVERY month...lucky me I suppose...My husband looks at my daughter at the end of each pms'ing week saying..."Well honey, we made it through another month"...ha


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