Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Million Dollars

**This is another post suggestion from a follower

The question I was asked was- What would you do with One Million Dollars?

Clearly, the answer is - Spend it. ;-)

But on what?

In this day and age, one million dollars is not a whole lot of money. Maybe you think so - but when I began to think of the things I would buy, it seemed to be like pocket change. For one - let's just take Birmingham for example, the average home (decent.. and I am NOT talking mansion) runs over $500k. Heck the teeny, tiny "garden homes" can run over 200K while a "condo" can go as high as the sky.

So for me.. the money would go FAST.

To truly break down to where I am in my life, here is what I would do:

1. Pay off all of my debt. (which honestly is not so much.) -
2. Buy a new car. I would really like a convertible jag.
3. Sell a lot of my furniture and buy some new items.
4. New clothes.
5. I would invest a little.
6. I would travel for at least a year or so.
7. Give to my favorite charities.
8. Give a little to my family.
9. Finally - I would open my own business.. something small. I have no idea in what!

Perhaps there would be a little left over for a new home.. though, technically - it would take over half.

There you have it - what I would do with One Million dollars.

**Many thanks to Robby Watson, Dawn Ray, and Nicole Smith for suggesting these fabulous post topics. I have a few more to tackle! If you have a suggestion - just leave it in the comment section - or go to the Destination Unknown FB fan page and leave a comment on the wall.


Bossy Betty said...

Love your ideas! It;s fun to think about, isn't it?

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Have thought about and discussed on my blog a few times. Of course my list varies greatly, as it depends if it was tax free or not. Number one would be new teeth for me and hubby. Pay off and back all that we owe. And then simply for awhile put money in the savings account that for at least awhile my hubby did not have to work 6 days a week and 12-14 hours a day and we both could breathe for awhile. These are so different from what they would have been five years back or even two.

Nicole Smith said...

A million would go quick, wouldn't it? I'm with you on the convertable Jag...or maybe that new Audi 2 seater! Wouldn't we look stylish on our way to our...cupcake shop/bakery? lol


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