Saturday, March 26, 2011

Freaky Friday

Remember the movie Freaky Friday? It was always one of my favorites. I have seen the super old one, and the more current one with Lindsey Lohan.

One of the other suggested blog posts came from Dawn (thanks!) and she posed a good question - If you were to wake up tomorrow as someone else, who would you be?

Great question, and THAT is what made me think of the movie Freaky Friday. The premise of this movie is the daughter and mother go to sleep, and wake up in each other's body. They have to make it through one crazy day living the other's life.

Who would I end up becoming? Then I just thought.. maybe I am myself - but living the other life. You know the one, the one where you made a totally different set of choices and your life looks completely different.

Let's pretend - I have children, and a husband that is a blue collar worker... and we live in a motor home.

How DIFFERENT would my life be then?

Or.. I wake up and I am royalty...

Or I am famous - and the paparazzi are everywhere.

Clearly this task was almost too daunting.. and my creative juices just aren't cooking like I had hoped they would.

But we all get the picture. Anything and everything is possible. One decision could take you down a completely different path.

For one - I was a "good girl" in high school. You know what that means. I never, ever indulged in any "activities - sexual or drug related" that would tarnish my future. But what if I did? I had plenty of opportunities to do both - but chose (and to sound completely cliche) chose to just Say No. Let's say I picked up a cigarette. More than likely I would have been hooked. Or decided to sleep with my "bad boy" boyfriend in the 10th grade. Would I have a kid? What if I decided to not go away to college? Would I have followed suit of most of my friends (that chose the non-college route) and began working at GEICO? (Macon is one of the cities for it.)

What if I had stayed working TV - I bet I would live somewhere in the Northeast, producing some newscast. Who knows - maybe I would be working for the Network by now. Each of my old tv friends (that chose to stay in) are in super big markets and doing really, REALLY well.

The What ifs will kill you. Waking up as a different person.. I just can't imagine it.

What about you? Who would you be if you woke up as a different person?

Good challenge, Dawn. WOW.


Dawn said...

I can't imagine myself waking up and being someone else to be honest. The choices I made in life is who I am today. I have 2 wonderful boys who drive me completely insane but they are my world and even though I say I would trade them, I wouldn't for anything in the world.

** Yeah, I wasn't the good girl for long in high school** I had Charles Michael right after I graduated. I was about 6 months pregnant waddling across the stage to get my diploma.**

Although I can say that I never ever did the drugs even though it was pretty much in my face, I did say NO and still say NO :)

Glad ya liked this challenge :)

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I think I would choose the same life, with a few tweaks..only thing I would want to really change is the pain I live in if I somehow could have avoided it. But despite all that has gone wrong, I have done worng etc, I love my husband and my life has made me who I am good or bad.

Tori Cooper said...

Honestly wouldn't want to switch lives with anyone. I try to live my life without regrets and fortunately never wished I was someone else. Things are not always what they seem.

That movie makes me squirmy because I would have never survived switching places with my mom... thankfully that circumstance is impossible!

I know the choices I have made in life have brought me to where I am today and I'm okay with that. I have thought about the "what if's" but i end up back to the same conclusion: wouldn't change a thing!

SharleneT said...

Because of my life, I've had a chance to live many different lives that were actual "other" choices I had thought about growing up. They've each brought me to my life, today, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I think we each do this, in small ways, to help us find our true selves. But, it's been a fantastic journey where the highs were high and the lows, mind-numbing. And, not once, did I do drugs. Life was the intoxicant and the decelerant.

Excellent question, Nicole. Now, let me get back to just lazing through Sunday. Come visit when you can...

Mrs. Indecisive said...

Great blog post idea! I'm stealing it!


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