Monday, March 21, 2011


One of my blog followers asked me to write a post about treasures.

I have to admit - I have thought about it through out the day, however, came up with nothing.

Sure, I have stuff. Nothing of any great value. Nothing I have to keep in a secure lock box..

Yes, I have a beautiful engagement ring. Yes, we have a nice tv and a cute little car. Sure, I have more clothing and shoes and bags and scarves than the average woman should be allowed... but if it all went up in flames, I honestly not care.

To me, a treasure is something you cannot replace.

Like memories, those are the most precious to me. A true treasure, if you will. If my mind were to go.. I guess I would not know.. but oh the memories.

Being able to see the sunset.. or to admire different colored fabrics. To gaze at my niece's piercing blue eyes, or watch as my mother paints another masterpiece. My sight would be another treasure of mine.

Listening to the rain lightly tapping my skylight, or to hear the ocean waves come crashing onto the sand.... turning on my stereo and hearing the silky smooth voice of John Legend.. or the infectious giggle of my niece. My hearing is another treasure.

Smelling fresh baked cookies, or testing the perfumes at the fragrance counter... walking into a coffee shop and smelling the aroma of fresh brewed coffee... I would miss not having a sense of smell.

The feeling of cool sheets on my freshly shaven legs... the warmth of a fluffy blanket, the stroke of his fingertips on my arm... my sense of touch is another treasure..

The spicy goodness of chicken wings... the creamy texture of my mom's mashed potatoes.. the sweetness of a milk shake.. My sense of taste is another treasure.

At the end of the day - memories, the ability to see, touch, taste, hear and smell - these are the treasures I would miss the most...

Wait.. there is one more..

A very important one (well.. make that two.)

My imagination and my ability to dance.

Each of these items I view as beautiful gifts I would not have without God's grace.

What about you? What treasures do you hold? Is it something you could buy?


mirela.burst said...

Nicole- I love this post.

Cheeseboy said...

Very lovely.

My greatest treasure is my wife and kids, but my job too. Every day I am excited to go to work. I doubt most people can say that.

Mashed potatoes too.

becca said...

loved this

TV's Take said...

Great post! Treasures for me, being able to feel love and giving love. Materialistic treasures, camera and photos. I really really really enjoy looking back on great times.


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