Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heart & Soul

Wells Fargo was our signature sponsor. Here is the RVP announcing their involvement in the Heart Ball

My family came for a visit. This is my niece and my father

My sister with her daughter, Autumn

My mom and Autumn. I think they look sooo much alike.

The egyptian with Autumn

Me looking crazy with Autumn

For lunch we went to my favorite restaurant - Iguana Grill

That night I had to attend the Heart Ball. This is Paige, our Office Manager

The egyptian and I

People registering

Our Government Relations Director, Melanie and her date

Vodka Bar (Heartinis) the vodka is poured off of the ice sculpture

Saturday is complete. Now let me recover on Sunday - Mom is staying in town.. perhaps the movies?

I hope you guys are having an excellent weekend. I plan to catch up on all of my blog reading tonight!!!!!!!


Marty said...

Looks like you had a nice Saturday...Enjoy your day with your Mother.

TV's Take said...

The ball looks amazing and you look so pretty. Hope your resting well and having fun with your mama

Leanne said...

Awesome pics, dear. SO GLAD the family was with you for a few days . . . let me know how your trip to NOLA w/mom goes (I need suggestions on places to visit there in 2 weeks!) Sorry I've been MIA - one of those weeks, you know? Can't wait to get caught up on you!!

Gaston Studio said...

Certainly looks like you had a wonderful weekend; happy family was able to enjoy it with you.


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