Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rockin' the Psyche

One of the latest "post" requests comes from my friend Dawn. She asked me to write about films that have left an incredible mark on my life.

Wow. That's tough.

But then again, is it?

I began to think of all of my "favorite" films over the years, and I realized - if I marked them a "favorite" - there has to be a reason why. So.. without further rambling.. here are the films that have made a lasting impression on me:

1. Cinderella. For years and years I would say that Cinderalla was my favorite movie. Maybe it was her blond hair (that as a kid I wish I had) or maybe it was the ballgown or the crystal slipper... in the end, it was all about getting the guy and over coming the odds. I got that theme.. even at a young age. Cinderella made me think anything was possible if you were a good girl.

2. In the 5th grade I saw the movie Staying Alive with John Travolta, and it quickly became a favorite for me. My mom and I saw it several times at the movie theater. At the time, my dream was to be a dancer, and oh lord - did I believe it was possible after watching this movie.

3. By the time I got to middle school, another movie came out - and this one I saw several times at the theater. It was Lost Boys. My love of vampires and boys with big hair came to fruition. I think the danger, the "bad a$$" attitudes, and the idea that vampires could really exist sort of fascinated me. I envied Jamie Gertz's role in the movie.

4. In high school, I watch the Breakfast Club over and over and over. I probably know every single line. I loved how it tackled the whole high school clique thing.. b/c yes, it was real.

5. By my freshman year in college, I was a HUGE Anne Rice fan - and the Interview with a Vampire came out. Clearly, my literary hero was brought to life on the big screen ... and that was exciting.

6. When I graduated from college and started working in TV, another movie came out that I thought was hilarious and I watched probably half a dozen times - it was called Eurotrip.

7. Another great movie came out (mid 90s) during a time I just wanted to run away to another country, it was called French Kiss and made me want to leave America even more!

8. Later, I saw a movie that sealed the deal with my belief in soul mates - it is called - Only You.

9. Right before I got divorced, I saw this movie. I have to admit - it sort of inspired me to move forward in my life.

10. Finally - while flying to Egypt, I read "Eat Pray Love" - and totally connected with the main character. What she was going through sort of mimiced what I was dealing with at the time..

So now.. Eat, Pray Love.

Those are my top 10. What about you?


Anonymous said...

Lost Boys, Breakfast Club, Interview with the Vampire...they are in a league of movies I like to call: "Movies I Can Practically Quote By Heart." For real. I must have been born ten years too late...

Dafeenah said...

Lost Boys is definitely one of my all time favorites. I was so upset when they all got killed.

I passed a truth/lie/dare onto you in my post today. If you want to play.

beautiful because said...

i think i need to do a post just like this. and Im just behind you in age (i didnt hit high school till fall of 86) but a lot of your top ten is on my top ten :)


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