Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music really is the spice of life!

I am sure my dear friend Nicole probably thinks I have forgotten about her post suggestion - but I have not!
Here idea was to describe each decade of my life with a song. Since some of our decades are extreme - and I think I change so much every 5 years or so - I am going to take it there - A song to describe every FIVE years. LOL

I have to admit - this is one of the HARDEST suggestions, but a fun one! I dare you to try the same.
Here is what I am going to do - I will state the age range - listen/watch the video - then hear why I thought that made the most sense. Clearly if I had more time, I would come up with a better idea - but for now.. let's go with it!

Up to 5 -

So I picked - Wonderful World - because I remember how much I LOVED life and felt safe, and loved and everything was good in my little world! My memories include bright colors, happy days and good times!

5 - 10 -

So sure.. I think this is fairly self explanatory. Trust me  - when it came to grades, they had to be As. When it came to Ballet - I had to be the best... when it came to ... oh... you get it. ;-)

10 - 15 -

Who didn't go through that awkward age - that Puberty - not so pretty stage? This would be mine. I think I put too much pressure on myself, and from trying to be "perfect."

15 - 20

Somehow.. someway - I found my niche - with friends, with boys, in ballet, in theater.. with my plans to work in tv.. at college.. oh yeah. My "glory" days! ;-)

20 - 25

Went through that typical "chill phase" of the college years. Sort of figuring yourself out.

25 - 30

Finally embracing my imperfections and kicking butt at what I choose to do well in.

30- 35

Transitions.... perfectly explained.

35 - Now

Heck - once you get past the weirdness of the video - it actually makes a lot of sense. Just classic embracing the good and bad... accepting.. moving forward... having hope.. etc.

Who knows what the future holds!

Of course I think the perfect song to wrap it all up with is the following... words I wish I wrote!

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