Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Needs Versus Wants

I often confuse my needs for my wants. Typically do not make the right decision. Instant gratification reigns supreme in my world.

If I take a moment to make a list of needs, they are simple and to the point:

1. Sleep
2. Food
3. Shelter
4. Access to affordable health care
5. A little love to keep my spirit alive

But when I make my list of "needs" (you know the list - how your grocery store list turns into a list for those new pair of shoes.. and say.. that Kindle I have been eyeballing.)

It turns into a lot of little things. Things that will not last forever, nor will help me sleep better, eat well, stay safe from the storms, keep me healthy and love me..

How do we retrain our brains to be satisfied with our basic needs versus our "wants?"


Jewels For Hope said...

I have no idea! I know my grocery list always includes shoes on it also! haha

Classic NYer said...

Not that I'm suggesting this necessarily, but one way to discover the difference between needs and wants is to lose everything. Be forced to move out of the place where you live in a matter of days and only be allowed to take with you what you can carry in one car trip and only keep what you can afford to keep in storage. That happened to me and I discovered just how many things I had that I could live without...

SharleneT said...

WoW! And, I thought reincarnation would be tough; but, Classic NYer gave you a grim reality check that actually works! I'm trying to get me down to when my daughter socks me away and I'm only allowed to bring a change of nightie and a favorite book. (She goes DOWN with me... just sayin')

Anonymous said...

I am the shopper that will pick something up that I want and walk around the store with it for a while then assess my loot and contemplate if I really "need" it. If I decide that I don't really need it...I put it back. Good post my friend.


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