Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Consistency at Home - Spontaneity Away

I like a little routine at home. I function better with it.

My mornings are very much routine:
Bathroom, meds, coffee, blog, shower, makeup, hair, clothes, load the car.

I like that. I am efficient that way.

Work is a little less routine, but I would like to make it more so. I think that is what is causing me to feel overwhelmed. I need a routine, to guarantee I get certain things accomplished. Not allow the chitter/chatter and minor "fires" pull me away from my daily goals.

Having a schedule for the gym keeps me going. That's why the whole class thing works for me. Having me show up at a gym and just "work out" would last a week or two and I would be bored.

I like that consistency in my friendships & relationships. Here's the deal- If I choose to have you in my life, I am your friend. Don't assume anything with me... rest assured, I am yours. It's the emotionally unstable, insecure gossipy folks that drive me bonkers.

But when it comes to travel - au contraire. I crave spontaneity. I want to be able to just wander. I like have a basic idea of where I am going, but don't tell me what to do once I get there.  It is my process of unwinding, and just experiencing.

Which brings me back to the inspiration for this post - I have a crazy busy  week, and too many items to accomplish. They are all BIG things - so I want to be able to check them off my list. But I have been distracted.

Then my family is coming into town on Saturday (!!!) They are staying in a hotel - which will make life so much easier, and we do not have any major plans. Basically my mom is getting dropped off by my dad & sister/niece and staying with me next week. I have another business trip, and she is tagging along. We will head down to Pensacola, then Mobile (and actually staying in Fairhope) and then FINALLY heading over to New Orleans for one night.

Of all things - we will be down there during Mardi Gras. LOL

I am looking forward to no plans.. chilling out... and just getting some work done in the day - and just reflecting and relaxing at night.

What about you? Do you prefer consistency or spontaneity?


TV's Take said...

When it comes to am and early day at home I prefer consistency but later in the day if we can be spontaneous we will and if we are going on trips - even better. Have a great weekend

Cheeseboy said...

Well Mardi Gras - - that is cool I guess.

I like routine too. I think people need it as a basic human function.

Renee Weatherford said...

Totally agree! I have to have a schedule - spontaneity drives me crazy LOL. Have fun in New Orleans!!

Dafeenah said...

I prefer a schedule. However the world prefers my life to spontaneous.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm like you. I need my daily routine and while I don't mind deviating, it is really annoying when I have to.

But when I have my free time. I like to shake it up and be a little carefree and spontaneous. Like when I went sky diving. My friends and I only thought of it the day before and then the next day we were really doing it! Craziness.

SharleneT said...

I love spontaneity -- as long as it's well-planned!


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