Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glimpse ~ New Orleans

Friday we drove into New Orleans and settled into our hotel room - Chateau Bourbon
Lunch was the first item on the list.. oh yeah.. and a Bloody Mary for mom.

I opted for a Roast Beef Po Boy - and no - I barely made a dent in this thing.

Why yes, yes it IS Grandpa walking down the street! (Go to You Tube, type in Playing for Change - Stand By Me..) and watch.. you will see! :-)

My little 6 pm pick me up!

These pics crack me up - I have my black wrap on (since it is chilly) - looks like that is all I wore. LOL

Do I need to say? Yes, it's Bourbon Street

Met up with the Haunted History Tours - HERE for the Voodoo Tour.

I have my office sticker on! LOL

She represents the "Love" altar at an authentic voodoo shop. I believe her name is Frieda.

Gifts for Frieda

Behind St. Louis Cathedral

One of the most haunted places in New Orleans

Got to love street performers

And fascinating characters..

Remnants of Mardi Gras hanging in the tree.
Known to be a vampire hang out

To see all of the pics - just visit my personal FB page!

Until next time!


Mrs. Indecisive said...

A vampire hang out??!?!?! COOL! I love NOLA. It's one of my favoritest cities!

Laura said...

What great photos!!! I feel like I was there with you (wish I was!)

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, I love New Orleans! It has such character and color ... and the food!!!

Nicole said...

Yesss! I love NOLA!! You made me want to go back. Right. This. Second.

Awesome photos :)

Carol said...

Great Pictures! So glad you shared with us!


Leanne said...

NICOLE!!! These are beautiful!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! PG and I have been drooling over every single photo, and I am so excited . . . because in 5 short days, I WILL BE THERE!!!! Oh MY!!!! You're photos are just in time for our trip!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your camera. Mine couldn't take any good night photos. But I have almost that exact same picture of behind St. Louis Cathedral from my trip!

All these pictures make me so heart sick for this place. I wanna go back!! Maybe I'll live there once I'm done my year in Europe.


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