Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee at 8 to Function

Do you hear that? No? Well.. if you are a psychic, you would know I am EXHAUSTED.

I thought for certain I would not have enough in me today to write, but instead, I decided it is best I take a moment and just purge.

One - the mid year review went well. Two - the media meetings were wildly successful.

This polar bear reminds me of how I feel right now - just exhausted. I came home and just plopped down on my bed and have hardly moved. I decided to put on my favorite pjs, I have my snuggie, and I am watching the American Idol results show. (PS - I like James (the kid with Tourettes, Casey, the latina girl, the asian girl, the country girl and the raspy girl with curly hair.) Yeah - I am bad with names.

Anyway - I got to thinking about something I wish I could find... 

That's right - I want a few wishes for the week.

Let's do this:

1. I want to see a musical. A little live theater. Something to blow me away.

2. Time (somewhere) in the next few days to book a massage.

3. Motivation to keep up the spirit.

Yep - those are my three wishes for what's left of the week...

Okay.. I am going to politely crash! Nighty Night..


Erin said...

Silly non-blog question: can you email me your email at I have some job related questions for you. :)

becca said...

great wishes


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