Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well.. Hey there!

I had to get up really early this morning. When I say early, I mean 5amish. For me, that is early. I know I have not really spoken about it, but I am having some shoulder/shoulder blade issues. Lots of burning, tingling, numbness.. shooting pains, etc. Last week I finally broke down and called my Internal Medicine doc.

I went to her and she said her best guess was something with the muscles. (Uh.. really?) But to be sure, I should see an Orthopedic Specialist. Okay... consider it done. She prescribed some muscle relaxers (which to me were about as helpful as Tylenol PM) and referred me to UAB Highlands.

I got a call to go to see a Dr. Crowther at 7am. Xray and appointment. So - after my super awkward positioned Xray, I was sent to sit in the little room in one of those hospital gowns. Always awkward with your back showing.. but really no big deal, since I got to keep my pants on.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and enters.. Marshall. Seriously. Wait.. you don't know who Marshall is. Marshall is one of the youth leaders at my church. I thought to myself, "Duh.. Nicole - Dr. CROWTHER."

Of course he was confused. He looked at my chart and saw my first name (which btw is NOT Nicole) and said, "Wait a minute..."

I said hi and explained I go by my middle name. We laughed and thankfully he helped me. Was awkward to be discussing my ailments with a guy friend.. and even more awkward for him to have my weight written right in front of him. hahahaha..

But at the end of the day - I have tendonitis. Inflamed muscles.. you know.. good old fashioned getting older and falling apart. I get the joy of going to Physical Therapy for 4 weeks.

Now on to bigger more important things - are you watching Dancing with the Stars? Okay, is it just me or are the judges going a little harsh on the dancers this year. Very suspect.

Outside of meeting, awkward meetings, and muscle relaxers - what's new in your world?

Have you ever had the awkward "Hello" moment?


becca said...

great post

mirela.burst said...

THAT IS CRAZY YOU RAN INTO HIM...and awkward at the same time! I see him in the most random places..but you win.

Hope you get to feeling better:)

Nicole said...

Seriously!! Mirela - soooo weird to be sitting in a hospital gown and in walks the doctor.. lol MARSHALL.

Anonymous said...

I've never had an awkward "Hello" moment, but I've had an "Oh shit, I need to get out of here because I hate that person" moment at a party once.


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