Monday, March 7, 2011


Oh.. my.. word. I am decompressing. Exhausted is an understatement for certain. Yesterday I just lay low.

My family came over yesterday morning. Unfortunately, it just was not enough time - but we all chatted a bit, and of course I will upload the other pics and video later. After my dad, sister and niece hit the road (about 12:30pm) - I knew my mom wanted to go shopping. I took her to World Market (a place she does not have in Macon) - and she went to town. We spent almost 2 hours there.

I then introduced her to Tropical Smoothie! She was thrilled to find that they were low in fat and you could get them sugar free. After our afternoon of indulgence, she took me to pick out a sewing machine. Yes my dear readers, I know how the means to become domesticated. However- my heart began to race a little when she was trying to explain something about a bobbin??!! Then to top it all off, I posted a funny little status update about becoming domesticated and suddenly all of the "homespun" folks came out of the woodwork about "Oh.. fabric".. and "Oh .. this.. " I broke out in a cold sweat. I suddenly felt very uncool.

I guess it's not in my DNA.

However, I am a wee bit of an overachiever, so yeah - I will learn. But I promise you - no country crap coming from this Chica.

Moving on..

Last night, Mom treated the egyptian and I to Thai at 'Taste of Thailand.' It was hilarious, because the egyptian had never eaten Thai, and was having a hard time deciding what he wanted. He could understand Green Curry sauce versus Red Curry sauce. So the little Thai server brought both for him to try. He just looked at me and was like - Hmm...

We finished the evening with planning and packing for the work trip ahead. I finally picked out where I plan to eat in Pensacola. I like to wander... but I do like to go head and KNOW where I want to go eat. It saves time.

Okay folks.. I have another big/busy day at work. It almost annoys me how busy it is. I also have a few small fires to put out. Long story.. but at least it has nothing to do with me!

Have an excellent day. YES - I have been the worse blog friend in the world. I am heading to your blogs tonight!


Dizzy C said...

You had such a busy weekend you have come down off that high.

Sounds like you had a good time with the family.

Here's hoping you have a quiet week


Leanne said...

Oooooo ... bobbin! Did I ever tell you that I was an excellent seamstress "back in the day". Ok, I kid. But I took a few sewing classes in college (seriously - part of the whole "costume design" dream) and I had to make a bunch of stuff - nothing that I am proud of. And actually, one that I am so embarassed I actually WORE (a plaid romper type of dress - vneck and straight sides - back in the 80's. I SWEAR - Molly Ringwald would have died for it!) Can't wait to see your masterpieces!!!! Get some rest and take care of yourself this week!

SharleneT said...

The trick to sewing is to only use it for best outfits -- so, you need to learn how. Then, you can buy the Designer patterns and save hundreds on your better clothes. It's not harder, the material just costs more -- but, nothing like they charge you in the stores. Just keep in mind that ALL clothes are made by someone at a sewing machine! Now, go for it.

Decompress and then come visit, and leave some comment love.

Courtney Kirkland said...

Sounds like you definitely need to decompress! I love me some Tropical Smoothie! Though we don't have one in! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

TV's Take said...

Have a great time w/ your mom!


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