Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Days have come and gone

For weeks I was talking about my crazy ten days.. finally they have come and gone. I am back to sitting in my sunroom, in a pair of yoga pants and a soft long sleeve tee shirt.. no make up, hair pulled back - and a chic-fil-a chicken biscuit and starbuck's caramel macchiato at my side. I am officially settling back into my routine.

I am glad I took today off from work. I don't think I could deal with any little "issues" or "problems" or brainstorm sessions. Today I don't care about any of that stuff - and it is okay. Today I will give myself a facial, call and book a hair appointment, catch up on ALL of the blogs I missed while traveling.. and do a little reading.

The trip for work was good. I felt it was more of an "internal" PR tour. The other stuff I was able to fit in was really nice. Honestly, I enjoyed just walking around and soaking in the sites. I took tons of pics, and ate waaaay too much food.. and I moved from hotel to hotel.

I thought for fun I would share the Highlights and Lowlights of the past 10 days:

1. Midyear review went well
2. Was able to leave the Heart Ball early without any qualms
3. Was easy to entertain my family, because I did not have an agenda when they visited
4. Was good to see Autumn playing in my home.
5. The drive to Pensacola was smooth
6. Tried a Boxty for the first time
7. Enjoyed some beautiful artwork in Pensacola
8. The sand on the beach was cool and soft
9. The waves were HUGE
10. The coconut shrimp with pina cola sauce at Flounders
11. Watching the waves during a massive storm
12. Warm coffee for the taking at the Hampton!
13. Fairhope.
14. All of the twinkle lights wrapped around trees
15. Banana Pudding at Saucy Q
16. The sunset at Bimini Bob's in Daphne
17. Chateau Bourbon
18. Eating a Po Boy and seeing Grandpa Elliot walk by
19. Voodoo Tour with the Haunted History Folks
20. Beingets & frozen Cafe Au Lait
21. Meeting two actual Voodoo Priestesses
22. Dirty Water Hot Dog on Bourbon Street
23. Walking off the beaten path and taking beautiful pictures of amazing architecture
24. Chipotle Chicken Crispers in Meridian, MS
25. Sleeping in my own bed.

1. Discovering new thing about some people in my life..
2. Feet killing me at the Heart Ball
3. Gossip
4. The fact that I did not get to spend a lot of time with my family when they were in Bham
5. The egyptian has made some new friends and ends up going to this person's house every night until 1amish.
6. Heavy luggage - no bellhop
7. Stuck in a tornado
8. Driving in super slick roads
9. Small hotel room in Fairhope
10. Exhaustion
11. Awkwardness with the Mobile team
12. TV sponsors too busy to chat
13. Getting irritable with too much food and not enough sleep
14. Could not find the Pier
15. Could not find Bimini Bob's
16. GPS had me driving in circles
17. Cat Urine smell in the NOLA hotel
18. Again - no help with the bags
19. Blocked one way streets
20. Vomit on the streets (yes, it's NOLA.. it's how they roll..)
21. Waaay too touchy feely waiter at lunch.
22. Having to endure mom's shopping sprees
23. Never enough beingets to go around!
24. Ignorant tour participants on the Voodoo Tour. The priestess was NOT happy.
25. The rental car allowed me to record the "time" I drove - total - 26 hours and 11 minutes.

How are you guys?


Anonymous said...

wonderful recap for certain! Glad you survived the 10 day adventure!

Cheeseboy said...

The most adventurous trip I have ever read about. 26 hours and a tornado? Plus all that vomit? Sounds like the makings of a great movie.

Dizzy C said...

Glad you are having a chill out day!

I like the highlights but not the lowlights

great post again, Nicole.


Kristy said...

Sounds like a lovely day - enjoy!

becca said...

great recap thanks for sharing

TV's Take said...

Wow - lots of experiences in those 10 days. Hope things with the Egyptian are settling down a little


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