Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Great to be a Girl!

Today is the day I celebrate being 37 - for the last time. That's right, I am officially out of my mid-thirties as of tomorrow and heading into my late 30's. Let the games begin.

I remember Oprah (yes, that's such a female reference) - but I remember her saying that her 40's were the best decade of her life. I am looking forward to it! I think my 20's were light hearted and ridiculous fun, and my 30s have been the hard knocks of life. (At least for me.) I am looking forward to 38 - my New Year. My unique New Year!

Today I decided to treat myself to a few goodies. You know I have suffered a few blows, and Valentines totally sucked ass. Yeah - I said it. But it did.

Again, my heart is full with all of the fabulous support you guys have given me. :-)

Well, not one to settle - I decided to be decadent today. Well - decadent in my way. lol (A broke person's way! LOL)

I woke up with a blinding headache. I think it is because all I ate for dinner last night was a little goat cheese and dark chocolate. ahhahaa. Yeah... not a smart move.

I got up, paid a few bills online (it's pay day) - and actually had a little chat with the egyptian. I asked a few questions, of course - now he is back peddling. Typical. C'est la vie.

Then I drove myself to target. Still a blaring headache - (no food yet) - I stopped by Starbucks. Don't you just love that they have Starbucks in a Target??? Well, I ordered a Cafe Latte and proceeded to shop for one hour. Oh yeah! I tried on a dozen tops, a dress. Picked up a rug - put it back. You know... stuff.

My favorite items I got from there were these:
You guys know I have been trying to Organic (in all ways) - and today I found some Organic make  up remover!!! It smells so nice. It is 100% free of harsh chemicals, 100% free of synthetic preservatives, 100% free of parabens, 100% free of GMOs, 100% free of synthetic colors & fragrances and is 100% cruelty free! The smell is a mix of oranges and lavender - it is lovely!

FINALLY - I bought a make up case. Of course you don't know this, but I have random baskets full of my makeup. And I have a LOT of cosmetics. (I used to work in cosmetics (sales/make up artistry) during a short stint between jobs) - and FINALLY - I got a professional style container!

WOO Hoo!

I also bought this super soft, black over sized blanket for the living room couch. It's just soooo delicious!
After my little trek to Target, still dying of hunger and blazing headache, I drove to Kohl's. I just don't give Kohl's enough love.. and there she was - with a massive sale - Buy one shirt at regular price (the one I picked was $38) and get one free. I just can't make this shit up! Here are my "spring" pics - flowy and femme!
They hang really cute on me (translation - slimming) and I like the blue in the one on the left. The one on the right is the "second one." I just grabbed it - I had to get something. I think with jeans, these will be very cute. After my little trek through Kohl's and almost passing out in the dressing room.. lol.. I drove to my favorite "bad for me treat" - a hot dog place called Sneaky Petes. They slogan: "The way Hot Dogs Should Be." Okay.. Okay.. it's not Nuway (from my hometown) - but is runs a close second. I was sooooooooo bad I bought a #7. Want to know what it was? Two chili cheese dogs, order of fries and of course - a diet coke. LOL
I drove home and ate those babies while I watched Kimora in the Fab Lane. I think eating that on an empty stomach was a BAD idea. I almost vomited. I decided to lay there on the bed and just digest.. then I changed clothes and headed to my PLAN B Spa idea. I went to my favorite Chinese Holistic Place and had a 1 hour table massage. Dear God in heaven, I thought my back would break. PAIN... They don't play - it's all acupressure and reflexology.. apparently I am in a lot of "trauma" as they like to say. I guess my chakras are screwed up or something. Imgaine that?LOL. That was my Zen moment.
I left there and stumbled across the way to an accessories store and bought some other things... I hope you likey!

These are my dainty flower ear rings. They are probably the size of the tip of your index finger. Love them!

My super cool head band. I think I will wear this with my dress to the Heart Ball in March! Give it that vintage flair!

I am totally wearing this Thursday. Another fab head band!! Did I tell you? The way to my heart is through accessories?? :-)
After that, I trotted over to Bath & Body Works and bought a little sumthin' sumthin':

Three fabulous "spring" scents - Sea Island Cotton, White Citrus & Cherry Blossom. I will smell like fresh laundry! LOL

Then I picked up two of my favorite scents - Eucalyptus & Mint candles.
Finally... I made one last stop before I went to Walmart for some items for my party:

I got a Very Berry Green Tea Smoothie (made with Splenda- total 211 calories) - Acai, Blueberries, Banana, Non fat yogurt and green tea.

Next? I need to finish getting the house ready for the party tomorrow - I am making myself a steak and then settling in for a little Netflix!!

See- retail and spa therapy brought me back! :-)


Christina Genae said...

So sorry your V-day was sucko.... Mine was too. Just a bad day all around, I think. But super yay for retail therapy!!! :-) Hope you have a fabulous time at your party tomorrow night - I'm sure you will! I'll be thinking about y'all as I'm missing out on all the fun. Yay for responsibility, right? :-/

High Heeled Life said...

Glad to see you are up and about! Looks you you scored some fabulous items...
sometimes reatil therapy is just what the doctor ordered ... it "buys" us some time before we have to deal with things... Been there more times than I would like to recall. Wishing you a fantastic week ahead..xo HHL

Robin said...

I love Kohl's. Your tops look so cute. Plus all of that other fab stuff. Wow. You will be smelling really good:-)

Mrs. Indecisive said...

I advise you to stop using Splenda


I tell you this because you're trying to be healthy.

Otherwise, congrats on having a great day!

Miel Abeille said...

That headband is killer! LOVE IT!

Happy last day of 37! (Just made it in under the gun :)

TV's Take said...

Happy LD of 37! Your shopping looks fun. Hope your okay on the inside

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday, dear!!!! Thinking of you like crazy today, and singing the Beatles "you say it's your birthday" song at the top of my lungs for you right now (you know, I really am!)

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Happy Birthday!!! You deserved today!

Marty said...

Just came up on your blog...good for you treating yourself to all those goodies...the cheese dogs sound yummylicious and those candles are awesome!! Enjoy=)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had as much make-up as you. All I have is a tube of black mascara, a pencil of black eye liner, one thing of eye shadow and that's it. That is all the make-up I own.

I am so jealous!


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