Friday, February 18, 2011

A Picture Show

I LOVE video. I really do. If I see you guys posting a video - I run to see it. It just brings you and your lives .. well.. "alive." When I see you type LOL, I can actually imagine you laughing out loud - b/c I heard your laugh.

Well - I am about to share a few videos with you. They are from my Birthday party and my trip to Pensacola. Each are probably less than 45 seconds.. please take a moment and hear the funny banter, or see the images!



Dawn said...

Loved the video's !!! Looks like you had a pretty good trip to FL and an awesome birthday! Wish I could have made the cake but hopefully next year I can! ** just gimme more notice haha**

Leanne said...

So fun and great and love seeing these videos, lady! I could have extended the ones of the beach for a good hour or so, that must be the most tranquil place to be in the world (on a beach), don't you think? Your party friends are a hoot and seem like a great group of strength to surround yourself with. Thinking of you and sending you peace!!!

Mrs. Indecisive said...

I love your accent! What a brilliant idea. :) Except my voice is whiney haha maybe I should post my wedding vows.


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