Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am okay

I just wanted to quickly check in with everyone and let them know I have recovered, as best as I can, from the shock of yet ANOTHER transition and the crazy few weeks I have had.

I spent most of the morning as a sad, sobby mess. I just don't do sad very well. Really, I don't. Who knew I could be so damned emotional... for instance, I saw his orange water bottle (he always drinks from) on the counter.. and I got choked up. Seriously?! I am a loony tune.

Sooo... I decided to just turn my phone off an lay on my couch (like I said I would.) I apparently fell asleep for an hour or so - then woke up and did something soooo out of character for me. I am NOT a sweets person.. but I bought a dozen krispy kreme (Hot Now) glazed donuts. I ate a few, felt sick and went back to sleep. Then I actually got up, pulled myself together and went grocery shopping. Just a few essentials - like lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, goat cheese, biscuits. Seriously - that's what I bought.

I came back and finally started returning phone calls. After I was settled, I decided to FINALLY watch the Sherlock Holmes DVD I got from Netflix over a month ago. It was EXCELLENT.

Then guess what - went back to sleep.

(That's how you know I am dealing with something.) The egyptian did call me as soon as his plane landed. Then I called him a few hours later. He says he is cold - LOL. He was planning on going out with his host and his friends to see the city tonight. I am looking forward to hearing his reaction.

That call, and the kindness in his voice, set my mind at ease.

A friend here actually called and invited me out to see a movie (I have already seen, but KNEW I needed to get out of the house) - and I just got back. Several of my best friends (BIG SHOUT OUT TO CRYSTAL IN BIRMINGHAM, TELISA IN GEORGIA AND LYNN IN TAMPA) for calling and checking on me.

Also - a HUGE thanks to all of you. You words of encouragement have meant the world to me. Sincerely. That's why I thought I should check back in and share the update.

I told you I am resilient. It doesn't take me long to move on from anything. I know how to move on - or move forward, whatever you want to call it. Some serious coping skills going on here.

Sure, I am sad. And going to sleep alone will be difficult. But I can do it. I am already planning a trip to NYC in March, sooo... it's all good.

Now you will see why this song makes so much sense to me now.. :-)

Until tomorrow!


Dizzy C said...


I cry a lot too. It can be a coping mechanism. Sleep is good too.

When I get down I give myself little treats that are not in my usual daily schedule. Pop some music on, a choc treat, a magazine from the shop (usually only read these in the doc's surgery).

I also find reading novels takes me away from my woes for a while

You take care of yourself.


Carol said...

You'll be fine. You are a very strong woman. I've been having a Hell of a time too lately. Lots going on that has had me way down. I do the same thing, stay in and think about it and watch movie and read. I'll snap out soon and so will you.

I'm thinking of you ...saying a prayer for you both.

Carol-the gardener

Wendy said...

I can tell you're strong. Change is kind of like a new adventure. :)

becca said...


Leanne said...

Release. Breathe. Walk. Write. Nuture your soul. You're even better than ok . . .

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

We are all here for you!


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