Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is coming..

I can totally tell spring is on the way. I woke up with burning, watering, itchy eyes and a sinus headache to boot.

The weather is definitely improving around here. Sunny skies daily, and the high is 60 degrees. Granted the nights are a bit chilly, with lows just above freezing.

But ... it's coming.

The thing I like most about spring are the flowers. Or better yet, the flowering tree. Here we have the Bradford Pear, the Dogwood and the Cherry Blossom. They are everywhere. As the month of March or April draw to a close.. the flower petals on the trees begin to slowly fall off, and suddenly it looks like it is snowing. We are left with the most brilliant green.

It's like a rebirth of sorts, after a cold hard winter.

I am looking forward to this "rebirth." I think we all need a little flower petal snow from time to time.

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