Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeling the Love

How fickle that little word can be. Love. I know I have thrown it around a bit, and felt it rush into my life - only to rip my heart out.

I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to be rebuilding.

I literally took a minute (not too long ago,) went into the dining room and told the egyptian how good it felt to be getting along again.

He smiled and agreed.

No doubt - we are not being blind to the past. We are HEALING. We are treating each other with tender loving care, and in the end - that's all I wanted.

We spent the morning grocery shopping, restocking items that he would eat. He is not the type to live off of lettuce, peppers and cheese. LOL (Yes, I will admit - I have been grazing for weeks. Not actually eating, well - not unless I was going out to eat.)

We just got back from visiting with our Russian & Jamaican friends. We go to their house about once a month for lunch. Always the same thing: goat, spicy jerk chicken, rice, salad and juice. If you did not know- most foreigners serve juice with their food. At least, it's been in my experience.

This couple, in particular, are fascinating. He is Jamaican and works as an engineer for AT&T, and she is a mail order bride from Kazakhstan. They are happily married and living in a beautiful home in a suburb of Birmingham called Helena. These two have been married at least 15 years or so. Long story on how we all met, but needless to say - it's been a joy getting to know them.

After leaving there, and the egyptian having to endure the "I told you sos" about NYC from our friends, we came home and began discussing the Oscars. Another cool thing about marrying someone from a different country (and I don't know what it is about people from the other side of the pond - they are more in tune with fashion) - he and I can sit and watch something like this and admire the fashion, the art, the beauty of it all. I doubt very seriously I could get that out of my american male counterparts.. well.. at least not the straight ones.

Another big storm is a-brewing soon, got to batten down the hatch and prepare to tough out these strong spring storms. The trees are already blooming with flowers - and with more rain, comes more flowers. This also means, soon we will have more pollen. Need to invest in more Nasanex and Kleenex for the days to come.

I hope everyone else had as good a weekend as I have.

I am relieved. I am relaxed. I feel massive healing and love. FINALLY.

Sure.. my arm is extended, not letting him too close.. but not being my own worst enemy either. ;-)


Shawn Becker said...

I am happy for you, enjoy your love!

Mrs. Indecisive said...

a mail order bride???? How fascinating!

Dawn said...


Glad to hear you both had a good weekend. Sounds like there is some healing to do on both sides. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. If dreams can move mountains then I know that with faith you can both continue to grow stronger together and anything is possible.

~Ugh~ You know we normally get the storms after you get them there so please blow/shift them further north LOL I am terrified of storms!!!!!

Yenta Mary said...

Our angel, back in June, had told us to TRY. Progress, not perfection, as they say in A.A. ... try, because we can't just snap our fingers and make it all go away or make it all better. But we can try, and I'm so glad to read that you both are ... :)

Gaston Studio said...

Glad to hear you both are working at your relationship; it's hard to do but absolutely necessary in the long run.

Hope some of those storms are heading my way... it's been dry, dry, dry around here.

Leanne said...

This post has such good energy, Nicole, I can feel it. That may sound strange, I know, but it's the truth. It makes me smile to know that there is peace - and with time comes healing. You'll get there. I am happy for you ... so happy.

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that you are doing much better. I was seriously worried about you there for a bit. Life can indeed be funny sometimes but it is always a stepping stone to something better. Hugs~


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