Thursday, February 3, 2011

My a Photo/Video journey of my day

Before you proceed - you have to watch this video... then look at the pictures. You will get the joke... I hope.

Soo.. my friend Laura is soooo crafty... she is showing me her goodies...

This is all of the fabric (and she made a little flower) that she plans to use to create her unborn - Veda Jane's - new crib stuff. (Comforter, the bottom/skirt.. etc.) Very simple, very classic, very Laura.

Today was her 26th birthday - so our office manager, Paige, bought chocolate cupcakes!

The tops were rings - so she has a birthday ring!

THEN - I have to share my new wallet/purse. Big enough to be a clutch, small enough to work as a billfold..
Got it for $4 at TARGET - MARKED DOWN FROM $20!!

Soo.. prepping for my party weekend (birthday coming up.) I bought this hat to wear.

What's in THIS bag will be revealed tomorrow night. It's the dress for the 'Little Red Dress' party my magazine sponsor is throwing tomorrow night!!

:-( He is packed and ready to go.

I found the PERFECT red lipstick. It's name? Ruby Star!

I spent the morning talking to a group of students at Xcell Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner School - they will be helping us tomorrow for National Wear Red Day.

So... it snowed here. Nope - did not know that was going to happen.. clearly...

The students got a little taste of Zumba (that's my instructor - the one I said was the crazy-energetic Colombian!!)

Now.. how to:

It is now after 6pm - I have to be up at 3am to be ready by 4am to be at Xcell.. (that's where we are going LIVE with CBS 42!) I will be going nonstop from 3am until 8pm.. and unfortunately.. it's the last night with my hubby..

BUT - I believe he is planning on going to the Little Red Dress Party with me tomorrow night!!

Okay.. see you LATE tomorrow...


LBR said...

I love the rant. And I love that you listen to me rant about my craft projects :) But I REALLY love that cute new clutch you bought!

Doris said...

Well, I just totally love listening to the two of you in your sweet southern voices talk about the big snowflakes "just coming down"! Soooo adorable! Oh, and BTW, I totally hate Zumba. This white girl was NEVER meant to move hips like that!

Anonymous said...

"she's crafty" ` beastie boys license to ill 80's cd

i have no artistic talent and men don't do crafts.

Funny video, lol.

becca said...

cute cupcakes

Anonymous said...

Ruby Star! Wild Child would appreciate that since, after all, it is her burlesque stage name :)

Anonymous said...

It's clumpy snow!!! Happens all the time up here in the north, trust me. It's when the snowflakes get all stuck together. I don't know how it happens, but it does, and it always freaks out people who have never seen it.


TV's Take said...

Can't wait to see the little red dress. love the blue clutch!!!

Kym Rae said...

Hey, popping in from LBS.

I love love love your site.

great videos, photos, content!



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