Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is it okay to be excited - Now?

I feel a little guilty about getting excited about this week. I mean - there are two of my favorite holidays coming up - Valentines Day & my Birthday. *giggle*

Did I mention I love celebrating?

I though the picture to the left was appropriate. Granted, I am not drinking anymore (only b/c of some bp meds I am on that say "DO NOT DRINK.") But if I could - I would scream - VODKA.


Instead, I have learned to enjoy just having good old fashioned fun.
So how does a girl in love enjoy Valentines when her Valentine is miles and miles away? Easy! I bought myself a steak and some other goodies I love - I will cook myself dinner and watch some of my favorite romantic movies. Before I go to bed, I read some love poetry. Yeah.. I know.. silly, but I am not an anti-Valentine type of girl. I believe in love. ;-)

Then on Tuesday I have my spa day! I will go to the Aveda salon and treat myself to a body scrub, a 60 minute facial and the hydrotherapy tub for relaxation. I also plan to do a little shopping - for me!

Wednesday is actual birthday! I have a fairly easy morning, followed by a fascinating Research Reception. That is when the key researchers at the University Hospital in town come together and share their latest findings on cardiovascular disease and stroke. All of this will take place at the McWane Science Center. (Philip McWane and McWane Industries are our BIG sponsor.)

After the "upscale adult science fair" - I will fly home to welcome my favorite people to my Wonder Woman birthday party!! I promise to upload pictures that night! I am so excited. Even one of my best friends from home is coming up!! :-)

The next morning I have to head down to Pensacola, Florida for work. Friday - head to Mobile, Alabama for a meeting. Then that afternoon, my friend Telisa and I will drive over to New Orleans for a night of debauchery!

Then back here on Saturday.

See? I want to be excited. But hanging over my head are all of those lemons.. (ie - the egyptian and his situation.)

Do I think he should just come home? Yeah. If things don't pan out like he hoped, there is no use staying up there.

We'll see.. we'll see.

6 comments: said...

Haha! Great picture. Yes, get excited, straight away! Start the celebrations immediately and make sure those Wonder Women photos are on line next week.
Have a great time.

Bossy Betty said...

Sounds like a fun week ahead!

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Indecisive said...

Happy Birthday :)

Doris said...

*sigh* Can I have your life for just a little while? Shopping, spa days, birthday parties, a cool job with think I'll go slit my wrists now... just kidding... BUT!!!! All kidding aside, I hope you have SO SO SO much fun!!! I know things haven't been a bowl of cherries for you lately and you really deserve all the pampering and fun you can get!

Annie Joy said...

Sounds like a wonderful week -- which could only get better if your sweetheart were there! I do believe in stretching holidays and birthdays out as much as possible, so I hope you'll continue to celebrate when he gets back! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday! Annie


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