Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alter Ego

Do you have an alter ego? You know, the "if I were not who I am" fantasy. Maybe you take it seriously- in my case, I do not.

But I technically have one. It is my obsession with all things feminine, a little saucy, and very gauche.

Perhaps I would have been a Burlesque Dancer. Or maybe a Can Can Dancer.


How did I come to this conclusion?

1. I am fascinated by the Bohemian Revolution of 1848 and how it affected parts of Europe. The politics, the culture, the emergence of art/dance/freedom/love etc in Paris, France.

2. The colors suit my palette. The jeweled tones, the creams mixed in. The black lace.

3. I LOVE dance. I love the music.. I love the moves.. I love the drama of it all. The exaggerated expressions, the ounce of flirtation, with a little dab of seduction.

THAT would be my alter ego.

I came up with this last night after talking with my friend Crystal. She and I were laughing about our alter egos (also a game we plan to play at my Bday party.)

Since I am at a loss for blog posts (I am trying not to whine and complain about how much I miss HIM) - I decided to do a little research on my Burlesque/Cabaret interest.

First of all - you have to understand the style I am speaking of. The sleek hair, the glamour, the red lips (I do love my lip style) - here is a quick look at the Queens of this style.

Now.. how do you become one of these fabulous performers?

I know this seems a little risque - but you must remember, when I was little - I used to perform to Cabaret and Chicago in my walk in closet with my sister. We would choreograph our own dances, and I know every single word to each show - not to mention All That Jazz. Not familiar? Well imagine a 7 year old performing this:

Or maybe even this:

And finally.. my favorite: (which might I add - is really the only song i want at my funeral)

Finally.. here is a look at the original Burlesque dancers. *** Warning, there is a little "peek a boo" nudity in this. Do not press play if that bothers you.

So I ask you - what is your alter ego? Now remember, it is something you would never actually do - but are interested in!


becca said...

love this i think we all have an alter ego or a fanasty life that keeps our imagination alive.

Robin said...

If you haven't seen Burlesque yet, you have to go!!! As for me, I wanted to be Cher from the first moment I heard her sing! She was exotic and beautiful and amazing. She was then and she still is. So much talent in one person!!!

Kara Muller said...

Great alter ego and what a fun idea! I think mine would be a genie/belly dancer - just love the vibrant coloured silks and gold bangles.


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