Monday, February 14, 2011


I could not leave my last past.. as well, the last post of the day.

I wanted to bring your attention to one of my greatest loves - the truest of the true loves:

If you have not given Pandora a try, you are lost in a sea of choices.

As you know (because I have told you five hundred times)  my Wonder Woman party is Wednesday night. I have been busy trying to pull together a play list of music. The perfect mix.

I have hundreds of CDS, but honestly - I haven't bought a CD in years. I could upload songs onto my computer and cut a cd - but that is time consuming, and the music is dated.

I have an ipod - but the Itunes it was connected to went to an old computer that has since died. Soo.. no updates on the computer. Again - dated music.

Then I use my work laptop - can't download anything on it.

Then I went to Youtube, and created a play list. I like the play list. I hooked my laptop up to the speakers and all would be well.. that is.. until you get to a video that sits "loading."

Not going to work.

Then I decided - FINE - I will use my other love - Pandora. I created a Wonder Woman Play list. The only drawback, I could randomly get something I don't like. So I have been listening nonstop - so that I can "thumbs down" some of the suggestions. Otherwise - my Pandora Wonder Woman mix is going to be the one!

Thank God!

Music can seriously make or break a party.

You may be wondering how Pandora works? Here is how I created a play list:

1. Create a station
2. Type in an artist or song I like.
3. It will then play that, and songs/artists similar. It's a great way to discover new music. It's the Music Genome Project.
4. It stores under "you stations."

Each time I listen to this station, more and more of the songs I gave a thumbs up will replay!

Got to keep it up between now and Wednesday night! :-)

There was not an option to share it here - but I can email you my Wonder Woman mix. I did Tweet it - so if you follow me on Twitter, you can listen there.

Pandora is FREE.  If you want the play list to listen to (as you should on my Birthday) - I will email you the link. (It allows you to share the link by email sharing option.)

LOVE music.

What's your favorite genre?


Dana said...

I love Pandora! I stream it in my car and at home. Thank goodness I have an unlimited data plan.

Komal Ali said...

I will try it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm actually listening to one of my finely crafted Pandora playlists right now.
It's playing a song I'm not that into...but I don't want to thumbs down it, because it is sort of good.

I love Pandora. When I'm in research paper writing mode, Pandora is my savior.


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