Sunday, February 6, 2011


During the time that most people are watching the Super Bowl, I was rearranging furniture. I decided I wanted to make my space (as temporary as it may be) MINE for just a little while.

I mean.. the goal is to join the egyptian.. but for now, I will relish this semi-independent existence.

He and I have chatted back and forth on the phone from time to time. He is enjoying the freedom of wandering the streets. I am sure it is nice to not have to ask me to drive him somewhere. ;-)

I miss him desperately, but I am going into "ME" mode. It's good to find solitude. That's how I need to look at it - as solitude and not loneliness.

I find myself sleeping a lot, grazing food, and honestly - making plans. I officially picked out the Kindle I plan to buy. (I know - I have been talking about it forever.) I think my first purchase will be the entire Charlene Harris collection - the one that is the basis for the "True Blood" series. I have not read those books yet, so for $55 - I will go ahead and load them up!

I am also excited that I can "purchase" classics for FREE. That's excellent!! Again, just something else to look forward to.

I am also trying to decide about what to serve at the Wonder Woman 38th Birthday Slumber Party. My pjs (themed) will be here any day, and now I am trying to decide food.I don't want too much - I thought maybe pick up some cupcakes and make some yummy dips, etc. Who knows. :-)

It is nice to have that massive media tour out of the way. WHAT a week. Seriously - insanity. In the end, I think there were some quality placements, and all ended nicely. Tomorrow will be a nice catch up day. I know our Government Relations person is hot to get some agenda items in the media -so I am sure my attention will be there.


Gosh - it's nice to be on the other side of all of that mess. I feel at peace (sort of) about the egyptian. I have a plan to see him. Then I feel great about work. I like the way I reorganized my stuff. I am looking forward to my birthday weekend. I have one Research Reception and one Heart Ball to attend - then I will use my vacation time to travel to NYC. Nice.

I also want to share something else with you guys. Again - I have (sort of) buried the lead. Since I moved to Birmingham, I have had a bit of a spiritual crisis. I thought I had found a church I like - and yeah - sort of. But then - it just did not have that "feel" I was looking for. So - I am going to do a little exploring over the next few weeks! I am seriously considering checking out the Maronite Catholic Church. It is basically an eastern rite that is based out of the Middle East. What a great way to combine this new life of mine - a taste of the Middle East mixed with fellow Christians. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting. I plan to make an appointment with the Priest and get a little tour.

All I know is - something has got to give. B/c Prince of Peace Catholic Church is just a little to modern/liberal for my taste.

Strange for me to say that - right? Yeah, well.. when it comes to religion - I need more ceremony.
I did totally enjoy my friend Laura's Presbyterian Church.. but as you know, it's hard to break away from your catholic roots.

Okay - heading to the kitchen to graze a little dinner. Heading back into my workout routine tomorrow, back on the Mediterranean Diet, and getting ready to regroup.

What are your big goals this week?


Classy Career Girl said...

My goal is to finish all of my homework! Kind of hard with the superbowl on! Stopping by from lady bloggers tea party!

becca said...

what a great post

Nicole Winegeart Smith said...

After I graduated from the blanket forts of my childhood, my tween and teen years were spent constantly rearranging my bedroom. It's a fun (free) way to make things feel fresh- so arrange away! :) As for your birthday bash (and the theme is AWESOME!), I know this sounds like a yucky combo, but I highly recommend Sabra's roasted garlic hummus with pretzel chips (I tore both of them UP tonite), followed by cupcakes. Cupcakes go with everything!
Anyway, I know I've told you how much I love my Kindle. Problem is, it's super convenient and I'm a ridiculously fast reader so I've run out of good reads. "True Blood" is my fave show, so I thank you for giving me a great idea for my next download. I think I'll go do that now! Someone recommended Stieg Larsson's "The girl with the dragon tattoo" but try as I might, I just can't get into it.
Have a great week!

Yenta Mary said...

I love the attitude! Solitude is critical -- we all need it for restoration. Alone is different ... and you're not a girl who should be alone; you've got too much spirit and joy in you for that ... :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl either. Blerg.

I'm excited that you're going to read Charlaine Harris!! I love her books. I really think you'll enjoy them.


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