Sunday, February 27, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

If this is my biggest problem - I'll take it.

We have decided to actually make Bham our home, at least for another year or so. Finally, we can relax.

BUT - the egyptian is ready to get new furniture. (Which really was the plan once we got to NYC.)

He is modern with clean straight lines (think Ikea meets NYC loft.) I am shabby chic meets bohemian babe. We both like Zen.

What we decided to do was to get a few magazines and cut out styles or items we like. We will report back and share with each other, and circle the basic "look." We will come up with a theme for each room, and go through the process.

(See - communication and compromise.) ;-)

If you know of any great decorating sites, please let me know!

Project time!

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