Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another year of fabulous!

Here I am, another year old - and just a little wiser.

No doubt - I am fabulous - but there were definitely some hard blows today, and I think I handled them with the greatest of ease.

I spent a great deal of last night preparing all of the food and other goodies for my birthday party today. I realized, as I was hanging my little gold stars and placing my little gold napkins on the table that it is probably not the norm to decorate for your own birthday party. But - I figured (and this has been my philosophy all day) "If you don't celebrate yourself, who will?"

And that's the question of the day - "WHO WILL?"
I got to work and found one birthday card laying on my desk. It was from our SVP, Bruce down in Tampa - and I was so grateful. It even had a cupcake on it! That forced me to change my mood calendar from deprived to chipper. Thanks Bruce. **still no call from the egyptian yet...

My sweet intern came in with one cupcake for me (Devil's food cake) and she made home made Banana Pudding (Paula Dean's recipe.) I was so grateful!

I blew out my candle on my little cupcake (but saved it for later!)

Then the office presented me with a batch of home made snicker doodles. (My favorite cookie!)

Here I am - feeling the love!

Thanks team!

For lunch, Jamie hosted a birthday lunch for me. She made a spinach salad, shepard's pie and yorkshire pudding.

Laura took the pics. We had a great lunch!

Then topped it off with Strawberry cake with strawberry icing. This is the first time I actually ate any of the sweets!

I came home - and as I was putting the finishing touches on my items - I got a text message from my friend from home. She was not coming - which meant our trip to New Orleans was off..

Did I mention my famous cake I have telling you guys about all week?

These were the glasses I bought for our Thelma & Louise trip. Don't worry - I still used them.

Some of the goodies!

Hee hee - I hand wrote the items with a black sharpie. That was the napkin theme!

Sooo.. then I found out my other closest friend could not come.. (Crystal.) The one who lost her step father..
I was bound and determined to not lose my fabulousness...
***ps - still no call from the egyptian

My friends came and I cut that cake with a smile...
I am not bitter...

My friends Jamie and Laura

Patricia and Jamie

Cristina and Julie

Stephanie and I

See - Julie and I used the glasses!


My friend Teresa sent me the sweetest package - a book and two notebooks (cocktail napkins) and a fabulous Wonder Woman bag!! I actually had these on my Amazon Wish List!

Julie gave me some yummy goodies

Cristina bought me a gift certificate to Ross Bridge!!

Over all it was great. Sure I was disappointed my friend did not come. She told me by text message that her daughter was diagnosed with mono. What do you say? Or with my friend who had to attend her stepfather's funeral? You don't get the luxury of saying - 'hey - it's my birthday.'

That's the beauty of living with family nearby or having children. You are on your own. My husband never wished me a happy birthday, two of my closest friends canceled.. BUT - I held my head high. I am not selfish enough to freak out over it. Hurt? Nah.. well.. maybe a little. A little disappointed- sure. But again - life happens. Their family is their priority. As it should be.

Me? I will still go to Pensacola tomorrow for work. And I will still go to Mobile for work. But instead of driving to New Orleans - I will come home.

I loss the use of the gift certificate. That's what makes me more mad than anything. It's too late to cancel. I only wish my friend would have told me her daughter was sick yesterday instead.. it could have bought me some time... to either find a replacement, or get the certificate back. Instead - my free night (valued at $250) is down the drain. That's the worse part.

C'est la vie.

I think between my two friends with their "big life" things, that they could not control and my husband not calling - I was almost a basket case. But - my co workers, my friend and my zumba instructor came over and I had a blast. I have to get to sleep now... I have a loooong lonely drive. I am sure I will be doing a lot of thinking... reprioritizing...

Time to make some BIG decisions.


Christina Genae said...

Loved the pics of the party...esp the glasses! Wish I could have been there... And your pink top was just too cute! Where'd you get it? I want one!

becca said...

what a great party thanks for sharing

Marty said...

OMY (Oh My Yummy)...I totally just made that up...Looks like you had a great day, and the luncheon was nice...Shepard's pie, mmm mmm good!

TV's Take said...

Happy Birthday! Birthdays can be hard b/c we have all these expectations - sounds like you got a raw deal on this one. Your husband didn't call - wow, I'm so sorry. Thinking of you....

Dizzy C said...

Wonder woman! You managed to have a good time with friends despite not getting the call.

I am sorry to hear that, maybe, something came up or like most men,they do not see the importance in things we do.

I love the birthday lunch menu to.

Dizzy C said...

Happy Birthday!


Renee said...

Even though there were some speed bumps, it still looks like you had a great day with great people! The Wonder Woman cake got so good too! And I love the sound effects on the napkins. Too cute. Happy belated birthday!

Yenta Mary said...

The party looks FABULOUS!!! I would have come wearing my pink heart sunglasses, just for you ... :) When you feel the hurt, just look at those pictures of those who truly love you, remember the two friends who would have been there to show their love if they hadn't had to deal with crises, think of all the rest of us who adore your fabulousness despite the distance, and FEEL HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOVED!!! Don't let anyone take that beautiful, radiant smile from you ... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely party it looks like you had! And that cake!!! OMG I don't think I've ever seen one so big! Love your smile!! So beautiful you are...inside & out.

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

First,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!You look great! Parties look smashing!What a blessing to be so loved!

Rene W. said...


Looks like you have some fabulous friends & I looooove those glasses :) Thanks for sharing!!

Mrs. Indecisive said...

Happy Birthday!

p.s. I LOVE snickerdoodles and do NOT get them enough!

Miel Abeille said...

You are FABULOUS! Kimora Lee has nothing on your fabulosity!

Celebrate your life EVERY DAY!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I was doing yesterday but I feel awful for forgetting to tell you Happy Birthday! yesterday. Especially when you took the time to tell me on my birthday.

I'm sorry friend! Forgive me?

I hope you had fun at least, without my encouragement.

Anyway. Happy [Belated] Birthday girl!! Sending positive thoughts your way.


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