Monday, February 7, 2011

I AM powerful - but I need help!

“This is the Golden Lasso. Besides being made from an indestructible material, it also carries with it the power to compel people to tell the truth. Use it well, and with compassion.” – Queen Hippolyte (played by Cloris Leachman)

I think we should all embrace our inner wonder woman. That's sort of the unofficial theme of February. Since my birthday party is a 'Wonder Woman' theme - I thought I would call on all of my super hero friends and ask for a few ideas. But before we even go there.. we need to embrace the theme.

That goes for all of us!

How do we embrace our inner wonder woman? (As for the guys - You are already Super Heroes - and have been so since boyhood.) Only a few of us girls ever got to play the Super Hero role.

As I was searching for ideas, I came across a blog that actually had some tips! Using the very verbiage I was using. According to the Random Ramblings  of Uncompromised Genius one should do the following:

1) Realize that you are not the problem, you are an ANSWER.
Too often, we are treated as a complication. Women are told over and over again that they are a problem (a nag or any other number of words out of the dictionary.) That is not true. We were created as an equal partner with man. We have lost our purpose because we forgot why it was given to us.

When God looked down at Adam in the Garden of Eden, he saw a man who’d taken dominion over all he could see, yet was still empty, feeling as if there was something missing. In answer to Adam’s need, God created woman. YOU ARE CREATED AS THE ANSWER. Start viewing yourself as an intrinsic answer to problems, rather than as a problem in and of itself.

2) Fully live out your role as giver and nurturer of life.
Relax before you start thinking this is the part where I say you’re nothing unless you’ve reproduced. What I mean is that women were designed as the antithesis of male aggression and dominance. The Feminist movement ruined women’s true power because it suggested that whatever a man could do, we could as well. If that were true, then we’d have no need for a variation between the sexes. We have two very different roles, none more important than the other, but both interdependent on one another. As women, we were created to be life-giving. (As evidenced by the fact that men can produce the seed for life, but only woman can carry it to fruition and bring it forth.) We have no need to roar, because we hold the power of a whisper. One of my favorite quotes about women is by Lisa Bevere: “When she loves, she is the oil that anoints and makes life run smoothly… She is the ruby pendant suspended by a length of gold.” Our power lies in our ability to nurture. No one can destroy from the inside out like a woman can, yet no one can strengthen and encourage like a woman can either.

3) Do not make men your enemy.

Gender is God’s creative way of expressing diversity within unity. In other words, we were not called to be enemies to men, but rather allies. “It is not good for man to be alone,” God says in the book of Genesis. Men need us. They need our unique perspective, and our gentle touch. Here’s the catch though: Men need women as they were created, not as the walled up, overly aggressive gender we have become. After all, making men look weak never made us look strong.

Our definition of being female shouldn’t be passed through the parameters men have established. After all, Adam was asleep and had no say-so in the creation of Eve. What he got, was what he needed: a wise and tender confidante that loved and admired him. Someone that allowed him to love and care for her so that she could flourish and share his joy. No, men are not our enemy. Quite the opposite, we are designed as their queen.

4) Embrace your inner warrior.

The book of Genesis in the Bible states that, from the beginning, evil would be at odds with women (Genesis 3:15). Evil despises woman and her brood, however Evil fears a woman that fights as God intended. C.S. Lewis put it best in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe when he said, “battles are ugly when women fight.” Women were not created for large-scale battle, but when faced with it, Hell fears a woman like it fears no man.
Here’s the question though: Where is our battleground? Our battleground is “home base.” We are protectors of the hearth, designed to defend safety and comfort and warmth in the home. Men march off to battle and fight for justice. Women sit at home and brutally slay any enemy that dare comes through the door. I used to think that sitting at home, letting the men march off to do battle while I “tended the fire” revealed in me an innate weakness. I have since learned that I was never intended to be an instrument of death and destruction. I was created with the purpose of being a warrior for life. My nature as defined by my gender was designed to be a healing balm to those that were hurting. The only time I am to deviate from that healing purpose is when I’m faced with an Evil that has come into my domain with the intent of destruction. In such a case, I am to slay, at close range, and without mercy. When an enemy draws near, Woman strikes. “Hell hath no fury like a woman…” 
5) “Woman’s Intuition” is no myth, so use it.

This particular point is a sore spot for me. I always knew that women had an other-worldly grasp on things – a “gut-feeling” that really had no logical explanation, but that was often dead on. I relied heavily on this intuition for a good majority of my life, that is, until I became involved with a boyfriend that routinely mocked my “gut-feelings.” I discovered later that the reason he mocked me for my intuition was because it was, in fact, dead on. I knew he was up to no good without any proof or evidence, and when I called him on it, he informed me I was being overly emotional and irrational. I will say this one time, and I want every young female out there to listen very, very closely. Your intuition is your secret weapon. NEVER let anyone tell you it is not accurate. You are the insight that recognizes and enemy’s approach. You are the intuition to hear what is really being said in his threats. You are the unsuspected one he will learn to fear. Your intuition is the missing piece.


Now that we have the rules and hopefully are all on board - I need ideas for my birthday/slumber party. It's year 38 - not an exciting year - but I am playing with the #8. My 8th year of life I started having panic attacks, learned cursive writing, and discovered astronomy. My 18th year I graduated from high school and embarked on the most excellent/fun year of my life - college. My 28th year I was happily married with my beautiful dogs and had a wonderful exchange student and was embarking on my career in public relations.
What does 38 have in store for me?

Sooo.. I did a google image search of Wonder Woman birthday ideas. I know many of you are crafty and you KNOW great recipes that would make sense for the theme. Here are some pictures I found:
That's a really cute idea. Give each guest a single cupcake and maybe have one cut out holding the "description."

This is too cute. (Wish I was turning 21.)

I totally need these.

What a good idea - maybe make a little something with a "Kapow" sticking out
Like the idea of the cream soda.

This is my FAVORITE

Knowing my budget - this may be the best I can do

Is this not the perfect cake???

As you may know - it's a slumber party. So I ordered my pjs - here they are:

Then, of course, there are the underoos - which really helped spark this whole idea off -
Then there is the MAC lipstick my dear friend Crystal is excited about -

I need IDEAS! Decoration - etc????
I am counting on you guys!!!
” A new journey to be started.

A new promise to be fulfilled.

A new page to be written.

Go forth unto this waiting world with pen in hand, all you young scribes,

the open book awaits.

Be creative.

Be adventurous.

Be original.

And above all else, be young.

For youth is your greatest weapon, your greatest tool.

Use it wisely.”
–Wonder Woman # 62 by George Perez
the scene where Vanessa Kapatelis graduates and Diana is hugging her


Anonymous said...

I love what you said! I have to admit, sometimes I'm a man hater. I don't like how they treat us, or look at us, or joke about us. The jokers are the worst, because they think they are pro-women, but they have no idea what making those jokes actually says about their true feelings. To me, those jokes say "I like to believe I have respect for women, but deep down, I don't." And they laugh when I glare, and say, "Come on! It's just a joke." But you know what, I'm not laughing, and no one else should be laughing either.

But I do agree with everything you said. We are equal to men, but different. There is nothing wrong with the fact that we are different, but everyone should be respected and treated with decency as fellow human beings.

As for the intuition, I know exactly what you're saying. I didn't used to know what I was feeling, but now I do and I will never let any guy (or even another girl) convince me that it's my own irrational anxieties, ever again.

PS: I got no ideas right now... maybe I'll come back later with some.

Renee said...

I love the KAPOW sticking out of the food! That's a really cute idea.

I can't think of much in the way of decorations, but maybe instead of party hats you could make Wonder Woman headbands.

Wendy said...

#5- Amen to everything written, as a matter of fact, I could have wrote that myself.

Absolutely love that cake and those pajamas!!!

I have an idea for a game- maybe you could take a jump rope, spray paint it gold (for the golden lasso of truth) and then each person at your slumber party takes a turn holding it and sharing a personal truth about themselves (it could be anything). Might make for interesting conversation, especially if wine is involved. :)

Btw, Wonder Woman was my favorite when I was a kid!

Dizzy C said...

Men use the word 'nag' when they really want to say 'yes your right, but I don't want to admit it to myself or you' :)

great post. We all need reminding occasionally that we really are wonder women.


becca said...

wonderful post and i want to be wonder woman

Leanne said...

Holy Cow ... I love this post. I love it so much, that I have to print it out and soak it in. I love it! (And the lipstick... AWESOME!!!) Ok, now, as far as the Wonder Woman stuff . . .and I'm thinking is a whip. You must get yourself a whip. But that, my friend, is all I've got for today. Nothing else creative (a shame, isn't it?) LOVE the Wonder Woman stuff, my friend. You truly are one!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Just as long as you have the bullet proof bracelets. Gotta have those!

I loved this post. I was a Sociology major in college and I took a class on intuition. Specifically mother intuition. It is a real and measurable thing in women. Very interesting.

This post made me feel empowered and I am a dude. Should I be embarrassed?


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