Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Red Velvet Ice Cream and Domestic Skills

Yesterday, the egyptian was walking through the house, sort of being light hearted yet boss all at the same time.

He turned to me at one point and said, "I am going to miss how organized this house is."

Oh.. wait.. you may not get that joke. Or maybe you will.

First of all, I never claimed to be perfect. I am not a neat freak, nor am I the queen of organization. I do pick up after myself, I never go to bed with dirty dishes in my sink, and our clothes stay nice and fresh. I even scrub my tub every week. But, perfect - no. I will let some of my clothes pile up on my chair in the bedroom throughout the week. My make up sometimes ends up spread out across the desk I sit at... you know.. just normal stuff.

The funniest part of all of this is. When he is not here - it stays clean. Lord have mercy the irony in that one.

I have to quickly give a shout out to my amazing friend, Kathy, from Connecticut. She and I met back during our TV days - she was a reporter, and I was a producer. She met her yankee husband (hee hee.. I love saying that) at the station (he was also a reporter.) Eventually they fell in love and he whisked her away to NYC. See, he used to work down on Wall Street. Did QUITE well and then decided for a career change in tv. Now he works for FOX News Network in NYC, and they have an amazing house in CT. Yep, she is living the dream.

This doll of a friend has extended an invitation (unsolicited, might I add) to allow me to stay with them when I visit the egyptian in NYC. I am thrilled to have them open their home to me, and forever grateful. I just had to publicly thank her, b/c it is rare to find someone so generous. So much so - she is like "Don't worry about transportation, food, flight.. etc." Of course, I cannot accept THAT, but I do appreciate her opening her home up to me. She cracked me up - she was like, stay a week, a month, a year.. don't care. LOL Oh Kathy - three days with me, and you will be like - GO BACK TO ALABAMA. LOL

Anyway, that whole thing just lifted a HUGE weight off my chest. I could not figure out how we were going to be able to afford me staying in a hotel, etc while visiting. See, the egyptian will be living with a family in Brooklyn, and it is sofa city for him.

Also - I discovered an amazing Red Velvet Ice cream flavor at Publix. It is sooo wrong, but oh so right. ;-)

That's all my dears.. just dropping in and saying Hello! Now - back to work!


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

LOVE this! Just did one recently on cleaning LOL Anyway tagged you for an annoying award LOL

Leanne said...

Ha!!! I hear you on the organizational bit, but I do think we ARE perfect, my dear!

Red Velvet ICE CREAM?!? Seriously???

TV's Take said...

You found a red velvet Ice Cream, are you kidding me. Perhaps you can start shipping it out to all your bloggy fans. Sounds AMAZING. So glad your room and board situation while visiting him is worked out. Hope your having a nice week

becca said...

great post loved it

Anonymous said...

If you visit NYC before May you KNOOOOW we have to meet up for coffee or something. We have to!!

How nice of your friend :-)

Mrs. Indecisive said...

omg I'm drooling just thinking of that ice cream!!!


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