Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Top Five

The Egyptians believed that when they died, they would make a journey to another world where they would lead a new life. They would need all the things they had used when they were alive, so their families would put those things in their graves. Egyptians paid vast amounts of money to have their bodies properly preserved. Those who were poor were buried in the sand whilst the rich ones were buried in a tomb.

I was thinking about this ancient practice. The idea that you could take your belongings with you into the afterlife. Now let's say you were a 'middle class' ancient egyptian. Perhaps you were only alotted a small tomb and had to be very specific about what you would bring with you. How do you decide?

I wanted to consider it. Really consider it.

What would I take with me?

Top 10 items I would take with me into the Pyramids:

1. My Great Grandmother's crucifix. I always have it over my bed, regardless of where I am. It literaly went from her bedroom on the day she died to my bedroom. I simply must take it with me.

2. My Wonder Woman pajamas. There is a slight possibility that I might actually have super powers &/or I would prefer cotton colorful jammies versus a white robe in heaven. ;-)

3. My coffee pot & essentials. I mean .. the idea is to take what you would USE.

4. My newly purchased Kindle. :-) I should be able to get wireless in the great unknown.. yeah?

5. My mascara. I may not have a stitch of make up on.. that is - except for my mascara!

6. My laptop. If there is a way to communicate with the living, I mean, I don't see the point in wasting all of that time haunting.. let's just blog ifrom heaven!

7. My ipod. Got to keep the tunes going. Harps and choirs of angels may get old after a while. (Though if I end up southward... that Devil did plain a pretty good fiddle...)

8. My snuggie. It just seems like all of that floating around in the upper atmosphere might make me cold.

9. My journals. HELLO? I don't want anyone reading my deep thoughts after I am gone! Can you say embarassing?

10. and finally... my memory foam pillow. If I have to lounge around on a cloud - I need proper support of my neck and head.

What about you? What items would YOU bring?


Anonymous said...

Hmm i was just going to do one of these listing posts...

M said...

I would need to meditate on this. Five thing? Even ten would need some pondering. Maybe I'll post about it..

Miel Abeille said...

"M" is me. I hit the publish key too fast. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I will save this for a blog post of my own ;-)

But i think the first thing would definitely be my laptop. For sure.


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