Monday, August 15, 2011

Nicoles: Choice

Good Monday morning!

It is a nice day - or at least it is here in Birmingham, Alabama. Not too hot (yet, though it is only 11:30ish) and the sun is shining just perfectly.

Right now I am drinking TONS of water, just had a massage and they did the "lymphatic drainage" thing, and I was told to drink lots and lots of water today. Yes, sir!

Now for my choices of the morning:

A song I just can't get enough of today is -

I think it is such a great song. Romantic, sweet, and it has a nice little sound to it. Not to mention those are two amazing singers!

As for a movie to check out... I recommend you check out Anna Karenina (The Masterpiece Thearter version.) I finally finished the book, then decided to check out the movie. If you don't have time to read the book (I have been trying for years)  - then watch this movie. It is on Instant Play on Netflix. You won't be disappointed.

Blogs to follow:

I want to point out 5 that I L-O-V-E - love.
(That was me spelling them out)

(This is my B's C's and D's category.. I am going in alphabetical order)

Bossy Betty -  Looking for some pretty pictures and poetry and a sneak peak into one Bossy Betty - then check out her site. She has a HUGE following, but somehow always finds the time to say hello.

Cassagram - Cassandra is one of the few bloggers I have actually met in person! She is a very interesting person - Grew up in Vermont, went off to college in Hawaii then NYC and is now working as a nanny in Europe. She writes about her travels and life. Fascinating character!

Dizzy C's Little Book Blog - Do you read as much as I do? Then check out Dizzy C's blog! She has amazing recommendations!

Give them a whirl and tell them I sent you!!


Bossy Betty said...

Awwwww!! Thank so much for the shout-out! I truly appreciate it!

Yenta Mary said...

I love getting new blog recommendations! Of course, I have no time to keep up, but that doesn't stop me from trying! I especially like to get non-food referrals ... I can get kinda immersed in my little obsession, and it's great to find other topics and opinions and worldviews ....

Dizzy C said...


Thank you for the shout out :)

You know I love to follow your blog too. You write so poetically and I often find you posts are either calming or give me something to think about.



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