Sunday, August 14, 2011

Songs that stop me dead in my tracks.

*** Sorry - for some reason the "embedding" screwed up and one of the songs disappeared, while the other repeated.. Not sure what happened...

Ever find yourself going about your daily business when suddenly... a song comes on... you have to stop what you are doing, tell everyone to be quiet, turn the music up and start singing in the most dramatic way. You don't care what anyone thinks... this is YOUR song.

I have a few. Today that happened to me, I was watching TV and suddenly The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" came on... and suddenly I was swept up to another time, another place.

That song meant something to me at one time. I totally connected with it. I was lost, inside the melody.

Since it is Sunday, and I am full of Edy's Limited Edition Soft Churned (Light) S'more Ice cream, and laying on my bed... listening to music... I thought I would share the songs, and perhaps the scenarios that caused for a "moment."

Of course, I have to kick off with The Cure's "Just Like Heaven." Reminds me of the 11th grade, hanging out with friends in High School. (Hmmm.. come to think of it, Heather Barth probably..) Enjoy this song.. the words... are quite romantic actually, but such a great song to sing with friends, arms stretched out like you are a lyrical song bird!

Next- George Michael's "Careless Whisper." I still remember my exchange student, Mina and I, walking through a convenient store late at night, and we were paying attention, but both of us walked around the corner of an aisle singing this quite dramatically. We started laughing...

Also, my old room mate, Keli and I would sing this at the top of our lungs whenever it came on. Don't even get us started on the car choreography!

Here is another one, no matter where I am - I belt this one out. My friend Crystal and I sang this at the top of our lungs on one of our road trips.

It's Liza Minelli's Caberet.

There is another song my husband (yes the egyptian ) and I play along and sing to. One of the first phrases I learned in arabic was ana bahabak aktar. (Which means I love you more.) He introduced me to this song. You can't help but want to belly dance around your living room. Also - Amr Diab is Egyptian.

Here's one I get super dramatic with and will insist on if there is some Karaoke going on. (Granted, the karaoke has to be in someone's home. LOL)

Here's one (back in the 90s) I would belt out from time to time. Still love it, still crank it up when I hear it. ;-)

Now this is one, I don't know a single girl that does not pause to belt this one out. LOL

This one reminds me of road trips (and crazy drunken nights) with my friend Lynn. LOL We would always sing this one...


This one is always on my play lists!

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Oh, Lordy, these are priceless. I am certain I have, once or twice before, belted out a few of these. Thanks for the memory lane stroll.


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