Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Artist's Way

For the record, I am not a visual artist. I wanted to get that out of the way up front.  But I do well in a creative atmosphere, and right now - I have nothing but time.

A while back I got the book, "The Complete Artist Way" by Julia Cameron. It is basically 3 books in one.

"The Artist's Way" - Cameron's original, groundbreaking twelve-step program, the essential first step on the path to creative.

"Waling in This World" - Part Two of Cameron's course of discovering the creative self, which shows readers how to inhabit the world with a sense of wonder and how to use this new found awareness to create meaningful art.

"Finding Water" - For the artist who has established a footing, a text that reveals the tools necessary to sustain artistic vision through the years.

I figured, I could finally brush the dust off this book and give it a whirl. I thought this might be part of that enrichment I have been hoping to have time for.

Also, I finally reopened "The Happiness Project." Somehow, someway - I was able to get over the hump and dive back in. I began enjoying it again. What I find interesting, for whatever reason, I am reading so much fasting and actually retaining more information. I think, and I am sorry to say, but my former job took up soooo much space in my brain, that I must have been mentally exhausted.

That's a positive, for sure.

It's another day, Wednesday morning, and I actually have a friend coming over for coffee. (She is a friend of my husband,) but she and I should have a lot in common to talk about - for one we are both American and both were married to Arabs. THIS should be therapeutic. ;-)

Other than that, I will send off at few more resumes today, possibly organize my shoes (I have TONS), and give myself a facial. I have such a busy day. ;-) LOL


Bossy Betty said...

You are doing positive, creative things! Yay! Breathe deep and continue!

scrapwordsmom said...

Your enthusiasm and positive attitude is sure to rub off during an interview, Nicole!! Love it!:)

I have the Artist's of my goals is to get going on it. I need to just start:)

Enjoy your productive day.


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