Saturday, August 20, 2011

If I had to do it all over...

I will be the first to admit, having too much time on my hands can be a dangerous thing. Especially when I have an "audience" - like yourselves! (Which I am eternally grateful for.)

But before I run off thanking the Academy, I need to share something so important with you.
It's true, I have been having numerous revelations about my future. I have asked myself numerous times: What do you really want to do now? Who do I want in my life? Where do I see myself? Most importantly, if I had to do it all over, what would I have become?

I finally have the answer.

I would have been a Solid Gold Dancer.

Think about it ~ I have ALWAYS loved dance, even before I understood the technical side. My mom put me in dance classes for years... and all along, even after hours of ballet, tap and jazz, I would rush home to put on my records, lock the door to my bedroom and dance - for HOURS.

Though I could turn a pirouette in a tutu, and shuffle/tap/ballchange at supersonic speed, and sport the best jazz hands even Fosse would be proud of - what I REALLY wanted to do was throw on a pair of leg warmers and a leotard, spritz my hair with Aquanet, and shake that tushy with the best of them on Solid Gold!

I still remember rushing home to watch that ridiculous show each weekend. I loved the music, I loved the costumes, and I loved the interviews. Even as a young child, I ALWAYS knew what was hot as far as music went. It was not something I got from my parents, they were still listening to The Who, Steppenwolf, as well as Peter, Paul & Mary. I was hooked on whatever you could move to!

If you are not familiar with "Solid Gold" ~ it debuted back in 1980. It was similar to American Bandstand, but what set it apart were the DANCERS!  Darcel Wynne was the principal dancer on Solid Gold during her five-year reign. She appeared on the show from 1980 to 1984, took most of the 1984-1985 season off and rejoined the cast for 1985-1986. In 1986, Darcel had many speaking roles on Solid Gold, regularly announcing the countdown re-caps towards the end of the show. Wynne and most of the other dancers left the program at the end of that season. 

I know... I know...

But I think this is the calling I missed. ;-)

Hey.. why not? LOL

THAT type of dancing was just so much more fun than what I was learning. When I saw the movie Center Stage... I totally related to this dialog:

Jody: That class, I mean, how come I can't dance like that in my ABA class?
Cooper: Because ABA has a great big stick up its ass?


She said that after taking this "Other Dance Class":

For REAL. What a difference that would have made to have taken a more "modern dance" class..... you know... like the Solid Gold dancers. ;-)

So tell me... If you had to do it all over.... (;-) - Get a little crazy with it!)


The Bipolar Diva said...

I've NEVER been able to dance. I think I'm way too white!

robby watson said...

as you probably know ,i'm a plumber.albeit a certified licensed master at my chosen trade.(the money i was making to good to walk away from)with a family to support.but what you may not know is ,I spent most of my youth studying martial if i had it to do over .(without those responsibilities)my goals were to become a police officer and open my own dojo.i know not what most except the ones who know me best would expect me to look at that .i just shared something personal,NOT something i normally do!!!

Classic NYer said...

Oh, how delightfully eighties...

Telisa said...

no husband, no kid, be a tour guide for some company that i could move around with to different countries, different continents. oh, wait..i still plan to do that! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I too like to think about the what ifs. In this case, wow, I'd be a published writer by now. Also, I love tap dancing but only started taking lessons as an adult. So I would have started younger so I could dance on one of the old time variety shows like Carol Burnett show (as a child prodigy, of course!) or, better yet, on Broadway. I also used to think I could sing and wanted to pursue a cabaret singer career, but now I know better. My voice is marginally acceptable. The best I can say for it, is that I can carry a note. :)

Leanne said...

OMG . . . OMG . . . I'm laughing so hard, my eyes are tearing up. SOLID GOLD??? You GO GIRL!!!

I can't even imagine my "what ifs" right now - I can't get past the Solid Gold. I'll be back later and answer my "what ifs".

(you are too awesome, I tellya.)

Doris said...

hahahahahaha...ohhhhhh, the HAIR!!!! Absolutely fabulous! ;-)

Me? Flight Attendant... not so outlandish, but it's something I have always wanted to do (still dream about it), and I let someone very influential in my life (in a negative way) squash that dream. :-(

Tamika D. said...

LMBO. If I had to do it all over I would be a soul train Fun post!


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